my story

hi yes I'm Brooke I've been invisible for my whole life In till my last year of high school when I move schools and your sitting here now reading this thinking its just another love story well that's where your wrong


1. my messed up mom

Hi I'm Brooke I just moved to this messed up place called Florida form my perfect home, in the great state of Kentucky, yes I just said Kentucky don't be like omg she's country they don't wear shoes because we do wear shoes and not all of us there are farmers or like to play in the mud. But like I said not all of us do, well I was a farmer at my daddy's farm until my parents broke up they weren't married or anything just dating my daddy couldn't afforded a wedding so he says, But I know he could, I think he didn't like the fact he would be with the same girl his whole life. Anyway I just entered my new home at the adoption center. my mom couldn't pay for me anymore, so she put me in this hell hole, and it is not floating my boat at all!

I walked to my new room I had to share with this girl, I could already tell I was not going to like her. there was stuff everywhere like everywhere, But im going to give this girl a chance as I walk over to my new bed and place my suitcase on the floor i was scared half to death by aloud scream. "OMG HI IM LILY YOUR ROOMMATE."

"Hi Lily I'm Brooke." I say looking at her trying to see what kind of person she is by the way she looks.

"is there anything you need."

"yeah where's the shower I'm tired."

"right down the hall."

"ok thanks." I grab my stuff and head down the hall I get in there with no problem at all I finished up in the bathroom and went to my room and saw that my things where all put away and my bed was made weird. oh well im tired. I get under my covers and go to sleep every slowly.

A/N note

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