my story

hi yes I'm Brooke I've been invisible for my whole life In till my last year of high school when I move schools and your sitting here now reading this thinking its just another love story well that's where your wrong


2. I hate my life

well..... That's it I hate it here I hate it I hate it I hate it I cant say that enough. The only good thing about this place is....Well nothing yep nothing  ugh its been two mouths since I've been here and I have meant some very nice people that I though was going to take me in, But no there's always some other kid to take my spot. well anyway school is about to start in like two days. I have to start a new school and well I'm not excited at all my annoying roommate lily is so freaking excited its weird like no high schooler gets this exited about school. that's just plan weird,

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