Noelle's childhood best friend, Niall, is coming home from his first Up All Night Tour, and she can barely contain herself. But when Niall surprises her with the rest of the 1D boys, she meets someone truly irresistible that could threaten everything she's had or done with Niall..


2. Chapter Two: Hello My Name Is

Hello My Name Is

He's sitting on his suitcase just outside the front doors. His head tilts our way and he leaps to his feet. "ELLIEE!" He yelps, bounded like a gazelle towards us.

"NIALLER!" I giggle, twirling around and basically looking like a complete idiot as I dizzily swerve right and left towards my Best friend. When I get close enough I leap into his arms, throwing my legs around him and my arms around his neck. His familiar... Everything really, embraces me. His laugh, his arms, his sweet scent, like crisp pine. I missed it so much. I whimper happily, tears streaming down my face. I didn't even realize I was crying.

"Oh god, did I miss you, El!" His voice is muffled by my hair as he sticks his face into the crook of my neck. We pull back and beam at each other. "I wish you had come with me!" He giggles. His cute Irish accent, like the rest of us here in Ireland, distorts his words.

"I wish I'd been there too. But I watched you every day, the reruns and everything! You were so amazing," I gasp. I can't help but embrace him again: my body is shaking with joy. As I peer over his familiar shoulder, I see four other boys strolling up towards us, one; with black hair and tanned skin is pulling Nialler's suitcase behind him. I recoil from Niall and freeze up. I'm not a very outgoing girl.

Confusion clouds Niall's eyes for a moment, but then his face breaks into a grin and he slings his arm around my shoulder while turning around to walk towards the four boys, "I forgot that you haven't met my lads from One Direction yet, El!" He exclaims as he smiles at me. I grin and nod. As we approach them, they mutter something to each other that sounds like a countdown, and then they all shout in singsong voices, "Hi, we're one Direction!" They all pose and make jazz hands. I can tell they staged and practiced that. I'm grinning from ear to ear and laughing at them. Niall had scampered over to add in his jazz hands aswell. He looks at me and winks playfully.

I think they are all satisfied with the lighting up of my face. I don't think I could have been happier than what I was feeling right now. The dark, tanned one comes up to me first, "Hello love," he says with a shy smile on his face, "I'm Zayn." Zayn gently pulls me into a hug.

"Noelle, but just call me El." I say smiling. I hook my arms underneath his arms and up to his shoulders in a friendly hug before I pull away. The whole badass look he was pulling off did not match his sensitive, caring voice. We smile at each other briefly before I turned around to look for Niall. He was in conversation with my mother, using some pretty wild hand gestures, so I just giggle a little and turn around.

Zayn has already been replaced by a tall sweet looking boy with sun kissed brown hair. He's smiling at me like he's known me for ages. "'Ello love, the name's Liam." He says as he pulls me into a hug aswell. I grin and speak my name to him from over his shoulder. We speak a few more words before he dawdles back to the group of boys.

As soon as Liam leaves, a boy practically radiating energy bounds up to me and hugs me tightly. "Good morning, Lovely! You must be the world-famous Noelle!" He remarks. I'm gasping for air through his tight grip, but manage to wheeze out a, "that's me!" Louis' shoulders shake as he laughs. "I'm Louis," he says, then lowers his voice, "but I'm secretly superman." I break out into a giggling fit as we pull apart. Louis smiles; full of sass. He quickly turns tail and jumps onto the strong back of Liam.

That's when I heard their voices building up into a song. I quickly recognize it as Stole My Heart; I loved that one. They sounded as brilliant as they did in the album, only maybe a smidge better. One voice sticks out from all of them. It's husky, but smooth like honey at the same time. His voice gradually recedes out as he realizes that I'm waiting for his name. He's still singing and snapping his fingers as he skips up towards me, his shining green eyes dancing like his feet to the beat that was playing in his head. The chocolatey brown curls on his head bounce with his movements and it was entrancing kind of; the way they bobbed about.

".. When I saw your face, I fell in loveee.. " he's singing as he dances up to me, grabbing my hand and twirling me around like in the movies. I'm laughing and grinning. When the twirling finally stops, I dizzily try to make out just one of the curly haired boy's smiling faces. He was pretty gorgeous.

"Hullo love, I'm Harry." He says with a cheeky smile playing on his lips. It was one of those things that made me melt inside; the complete innocence, yet playful mischief that was hidden in those dimples just got to me I guess.

"El." I grin, rocking back and fourth on the balls of my feet, "How could you guys not have won X-Factor?" I joke, referring to his little 'Stole My Heart' moment. I play back the little scene that happened only moments before and can't help the smile from growing onto my face.

He laughs it off, "No talent I suppose" He did not sound arrogant saying this; I vaguely wonder if he meant that in a deeper way. Maybe he isn't as confident about himself as he plays it out to be. I shake it off for now and return my attention back to the bubbly curly haired boy in front of me. "Niall talks about you a lot, you guys must be real close." He says, engaging in small talk. "I feel like I already know you just from the stories he tells!"

"Oh yes, we've been friends since we were wee lil' babies!" I explain quickly, hoping that my accent didn't mess up my wording. "I really do hope he didn't say anything too humiliating!"

At this Harry raises his eyes brows and smirks knowingly. Oh dear lord; Nialler did say something.

We speak a few more words before my mum calls out, "Ella, we should start home before it gets too late!" I look away from Harry's green eyes to glance over my shoulder.

"Yeah I'm starving!" Niall's voice rises above everything else. The boys all snicker and I join in. That's the Nialler I love and missed so much over these three long, excruciating years without him.

"We should probably go." I sigh, turning around as Harry agrees with a bob of his head. The boys and I race to Mum's minivan, stuff the back of the car full (I thought it wasn't going to close!), and piled into the car.

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