Noelle's childhood best friend, Niall, is coming home from his first Up All Night Tour, and she can barely contain herself. But when Niall surprises her with the rest of the 1D boys, she meets someone truly irresistible that could threaten everything she's had or done with Niall..


3. Chapter Three: Welcome Home

Hey guys! Thank you so so much for liking, favouriting, and reading! I hope you guys like the movella so far, but if you ever have anything you want to see in the story, leave a comment! I can try to slide whatever into the story; as long as you guys enjoy it! :) Love ya xo - Faithe


Welcome Home


I'm sorry but driving in a car with the One Direction boys is probably the more entertaining drive you will ever experience. If you ever get the chance, take it.

Let me tell you, they'd make a damn good personal radio.

I spend most of my time talking to Niall through the hole between the seat and the headrest. My eyes peeking out through the slit. At one point we press one of each our eyes right against the slit and stare at each other, his eyelashes tickling mine, causing my eyes to flutter. I giggle, remembering when we were little kids and would do strange things like that with each other. He's laughing along with me. It feels as though Niall hasn't left at all. I feel myself wishing I had been able to have spent those three years of our lives that we had lost together, in the same country at least. My stomach wrenches for a moment and I'm stifling a wince. I force myself to forget about the loneliness I'd experienced over the past three years while Niall was at X-Factor and touring, and look forward to the present.

Once the shadow is removed from my mind, I have a vague feeling that I'm being looked at. Out of the periphery of my eye, I can see Harry with a faint smirk on his lips, glancing at me. My eyes dart away in alarm. I don't dare to look back again for the rest of the drive.

"We're here!" I exclaim, my door flying open before my mum even stops the car. She gives me a disapproving look but I don't even care. I am carefree right now. I slide out of the minivan and open the doors for the boys.

"Aw, you didn't have to do that, Love!" Liam exclaims, purposely closing the car door and opening it again before stepping out of the car. He smiles at me.

I giggle and shake my head, running to the back of the car and pulling the door opened to reveal suitcases stuffed right to the roof of the car. We pull out bags of all sizes, and start to wheel them to my house. The rocky driveway to my house makes pulling the suitcases a challenge, but we manage to get to the door quickly enough. I slip around the boys to swing the front door open, which releases a burst of cool air. "Welcome to my humble abode!" I joke with a great big smile on my face, allowing them to step in and take their shoes off.

My house was simple. Just a farmhouse built forever ago. It wasn't the prettiest but it made me feel happy. The memories made while living in this household are all worth it; especially those with Niall. Niall spreads his arms out, laughing and sighs, "I'm home!" The other boys smirk. They know what it feels like to come back home after so long.

I take the boys for a wicked tour of the house. No, just kidding. It doesn't take long; I show them the kitchen, dining room, and living room first. I think the living room was my favourite place, besides my room, but only because of the panorama windows around it. We've done a couple things to the house over the past few years. I remember that we were just inserting these windows mere weeks before Niall left for X Factor.

And for a split second I'm back in that moment.

I had looked at him with a smile, but my eyes were miserable. I hadn't wanted him to leave, but I was the one who encouraged him to go. It was his dream to sing and perform, and in a way I thought I was just holding him back, pulling him away from what he deserved to be by playing tag and hide-and-go-seek.

I glance to the ground for a second, but cheer up again before anyone could take notice. Next I take them upstairs to show them my room. It was pretty impressive I thought. I had a lot of free time without Niall here, so I got creative with my room. The loft that I had made with my mum and Niall years ago still stayed, the ladder pulled out and awaiting someone to climb up it. I had decided that the walls were too boring as white, so I hung christmas lights all around my walls, wrapping like vines around my bed, the loft. A random design is painted on the wall by yours truly in vibrant colours. I liked how the colours popped over the white background of my walls. This is how I like it, so this is how it is going to stay.

"Ta da!!" I spread my arms out wide. Louis and Zayn are crawling up the ladder within mere seconds.

Louis' voice echoes down, "This is awesome!!" And I'm laughing. Harry and Liam race up the ladder too, so I'm left with Niall. We'd had our share of times up in the loft.

I swing my head to look at Niall and smile, "it hasn't changed a bit, huh?!" He nods in agreement, snickering a little.

"The Christmas lights are a nice touch I must say! And what are those? Are those ONE DIRECTION posters I see?!" He's laughing, gripping his stomach as he stumbles towards my closet doors. I smirk and cross my arms.

"Yeah? So?!"

"I never thought I'd see the day that you would have posters of me up on your walls." His laughter is uncontrollable and contagious, because my eyes are tearing up as my body erupts into giggles.

"Hey, while you were gone they listened to me. I felt a little less lonely without my Nialler here!" I wink jokingly. He slowly stops his laughing, wiping his eyes.

"Well I'm back now, so you don't have to talk to your walls anymore." His shining eyes bore into mine and I smile, shaking my head. I'm smiling, but inside I'm smouldering. Liar. He's going to have to leave me again. They will have to go on tour again, make more albums, and become even more famous. Where does that put me? Forgotten. I won't even be considered a friend. My face must have puckered up in a sour expression, because Niall's hand brushes my shoulder, "Hey, what's wrong?"

I look back up again, "Oh, nothing! Don't worry about it." I say, stumbling over my words. I don't have an excuse, so I hope he doesn't push me for an answer.

Luckily he doesn't, and we climb up the ladder to the loft, Niall first and I follow a ladder's step behind. It's like we're walking through the gates of all our memories up here in our tiny loft. The long days sitting up here, with nothing to entertain ourselves with but whatever was around us. We talked for hours on end up here, late at night. I don't think I can count how many secrets have been spilled up here. I recall me telling Niall about some really 'hot' boy who was in my grade seven class, and how he'd talked to me for the first time ever. Niall had teased and laughed at me for ten minutes straight; I think he may have even threatened to tell the guy, though I never knew how he would. I could care less about that boy now.

I'm lost in my memories as I slip my hands around the ever familiar handles of the ladder.

I'm still halfway out of reality as I reach the top.



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