Harry's Little Sister

Sarah has always thought she looked kind of like Harry Styles but little did she know that she would win tickets and backstage passes to his next concert.She also didn't know that she was actually his little sister.She had found out a few years ago that she was adopted and had been looking for her real family ever since but couldn't find anything.Backstage after the concert, Harry notices that she looks kind of like him and he knows that he has a little sister that had been put up for adoption.He never found out her name, what she looked like or who adopted her.After the concert he went home and asked his mom what his little sisters name was and who had adopted her. She said that her name was Sarah and that she had been adopted by a nice American couple. Find out what happens next in Harry's Little Sister...................
a/n There is self harm in this story. I do not self harm or support self harm. I just thought it would be good for the story.


2. The Concert

Sarah's pov.

I started to get ready for the concert. I put on my 1D shirt and my black skinny jeans. I put my light brown up in a braid. I finished getting ready then went downstairs to eat breakfast. My mom was already downstairs eating breakfast and ready for the concert. I went to the cabnet and got some cereal and milk from the fridge. After I finished eating I grabbed my phone, purse and my sweat shirt to cover my arms and got in the car with my mom who was driving because I'm only 13. We left the house and went to the post office to pick up the tickets and backstage passes because they were supposed to be mailed to us. We got the envelope that they were in and got back into the car. I looked at my mom and said, "I'm so excited for the concert!" "Me too but obviously not as excited as you." she said.

*skip car ride*

*skip concert because i'm too lazy to write it*

We were backstage and the boys came back because they were singing the last song. I've always thought I look a little bit like Harry. I see it in the hair even though my hair isn't naturally curly (I use no-heat curl tactics). I also see it in the eyes and in our voices. I said hi to all of the boys except Harry. He said hi to me before I could say it to him.

Harry's pov.

She said hi to all the boys and then I said hi to her before she could say hi to me. "Hi, Harry." she said. "What's your name, love?" I asked. "Sarah." she said quickly. "So, Sarah did you enjoy the concert?" Niall asked. "Yes." she said. "Can I get your autographs?"she asked. "Of course, love." Louis said. She pulled out a pen and paper. We all signed the sheet of paper she had and gave her the paper back. I noticed that she was sweating through her sweat shirt. "Aren't you hot, love?"

Sarah's pov.

"Aren't you hot, love?" Harry asked me. "Ya a little bit." I replied. "Then why don't you take your sweat shirt off?" I can't tell him. My mom doesn't even know! What should i say? "Sarah?" Harry says. "Hmm?" I ask. "Why don't you take off your sweat shirt if you're hot?" "I don't want to." "Why not?" "Because it's comfortable." "Ok" he said. I'm glad I got out of that. I though to myself.

A/N I hope you like it so far. You people are lucky I gave you two chapters in one day. Sorry for the short chapter though. I'll update again as soon as I can. There is so much more to come. PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR LOTS OF DRAMA! IT'S GOING TO BE AWSOME! Well good night for now my little unicorns!

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