A Murder *Short story*

A short crime story, which I wrote in English class a couple of years ago.


1. A Murder

Again and again her breath became visible, in the cold winter air, in form as a dusty white mist.
The sound of her feet pounding against the ground could be heard again and again. But nobody did.

She kept stopping, knocking the doors desperately while screaming “Let me in! Help me!” But nobody did.
 Again and again she ran, knocked, ran, and knocked, until she stopped at once. There he stood… Just at the end of the road… Her breath was on the edge of hyperventilating, and she felt her heart skip a beat. “What do you want?!” she screamed at him, completely in panic.

He smiled a creepy smile, and flashed his pale palms to the streetlight. “Don’t worry, love. Everything’s going to be just fine,” he mumbled deeply from the throat. She pulled her breath deep, and tried to keep calm.
 The man just smiled wider.

He started moving towards her, and she stepped back for every step he took. She looked at him with her eyes wide opened, and her lips slightly separated, ready to scream.
 He kept moving forward, and she felt her heart speed up. It felt like it was going to jump out of her chest, and she moved faster away from him.
 He’d followed her for weeks… Stalked her on the internet, wrote messages to her on her phone, and left calls on her answer. He kept saying he was coming for her, and the police had tried to find him… And here he was… At the street as she were on her way home from her parents. And now he just stood there and grinned.

On the messages and the phone, he’d called himself ‘Your husband’ – but she had never been married. She didn’t even have a boyfriend. And still he was here. And she was scared. And she was sure of, that was she was going to die.
 Suddenly, he started running towards her, so she ran away from him. She could hear the steps behind her, and they were closing in. She was about to scream, when an arm pulled around her neck, and she was forced to slow down. He had a knife on her throat, and the cold blade was easily touching her skin.
 “Don’t worry, love. We’ll meet again,” he whispered in hear ear, as he pulled his arm away. In the same movement, the knife opened her skin, and all was black.

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