The powerful one

Harry is just another un socialized guy with the desperate need of love. He tries to get along with his new, and bigger grade but there is one thing that because of that they won't talk to him. He's a virgin. Harry does every thing he can to change that, But right after that changes he starts to feel guilty and regret his past.


1. Chapter 1

Dear diary

Today was my first day of junior high, and to be honest I was quite scared.

All throughout the summer Iv been trying to avoid. Well, today.

My parents insisted that I should skip sophomore since Iv gotten straight A's, and have been bullies targets. They thought that if I'd learn with bigger kids they'll treat me nicely and more maturely. I thought that this was a stupid idea but to be honest they were right.

I walked alone in the schools halls since I hadn't really gotten the chance yet to make new friends.

No one dared to talk to me all day long.

I was trying to find a reason of why, and I even made a list.

List of bad qualities in me:

• short

• younger then every one by a year

• nerd

• has no facial hair unlike others

• never had a girlfriend

• has a bad breath

• too shy

• teachers pet

And the last one

• A virgin


I hope tomorrow is going to be a lot better cause today was definitely the worst.

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