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One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. That's all some girls think about, but not McKenzie. She's interested in, well, anything else but One Direction. She was living a great life until Niall Horan comes back into her life, along with four new friends. Little does she know, that these friends change everything...

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1. Welcome To My World


  He's coming back. Niall Horan, my childhood best friend, the international pop star is coming back home. He's coming back to Mullingar. It's not like he'd ever remember me, anyway. He's living the life he's always wanted, and unfortunately, the life he's always wanted doesn't involve me. I don't think he'll even come and visit us if he comes, he forgot all about me. That's why I'm not excited about seeing him at all.


   My sister, unlike me, is completely star struck. She and Niall would make the perfect couple. Lucy, my sister, is really popular and absolutely gorgeous. She has natural blonde hair and crystal blue-green sparkling eyes. I, on the other hand, have your everyday dirty blonde hair. I have brown eyes with specks of green, in other words, hazel eyes.


   I remember a time when I could call Niall my best friend. Now, all he is to me is another heartthrob. He could have any girl in the world, and I'm sure he'd rather be somewhere else than here in Mullingar with me. That's for sure.


  "McKenzie, guess what!" my sister Lucy squealed coming into my room. I groaned, I know what's coming next. "What ever happened to knocking?" I said, annoyance in my tone. "Oh, right, sorry." she stepped out of my room, closed the door, then knocked. I rolled my eyes. "Come in, Lucy."


  She came in and her blonde curls were bouncing up and down. I always wondered how she made her hair look so perfect everyday. "Guess what!" she said. "What?" I asked staring up at the white ceiling. "Niall, is coming back to Ireland!" she squealed jumping up and down. I mentally groaned. That is definitely not new news. 


  Lucy reminds me every single day. Maybe that's why I've been thinking a lot about Niall lately. "I know, Lucy. You tell me every single day." I said. "Aren't you excited!" she said and let out a high-pitched squeal. I rolled my eyes. "Sure, Lucy. I am super excited." I tried my best to not sounding very sarcastic, so I wouldn't burst her bubble. Reality is that he'll probably go visit his mum, Maura, and then leave for another good six months.


   I haven't seen him ever since he left to the X-Factor. That assures me that he completely forgot about me. "I'm going to go post it on Twitter!" she exclaimed and left the room, squealing, of course. Lucy has always been the hype, fun, popular sister. She goes off to parties practically every single night. I stay home studying and working my bum off trying to get enough information in my brain for high school SAT's, which are only a week away.


   I decided to get out of my bed and go out for a walk. That always seems to distract me for some reason. Some people do they're thinking at night or in the shower, I do my thinking whilst running. I put on the right outwear for running and went downstairs. My pajamas were laying on the hardwood floor. Yes, I'm the kind of girl that wears pajamas all day when I can.


  I went down the stairs to find my dad reading the newspaper, my mum pouring herself a cup of tea, Lucy wrapped up on her phone and my brother Jason watching a football game, the usual. "Good morning." I greeted. "Good morning? It's noon already." my dad said looking up from the newspaper. "Good afternoon, then. I'm going for a walk, I won't be back until about thirty minutes." I said as I left through the front door.


  The warm breeze hit my face lightly sending chills down my spine. I'm glad that summer is just around the corner. That way, I can stay in my pajamas ever single day. If I could, I would live in my pajamas.


  I couldn't help but to look at Niall's old house. He lived right across the street. Once he became famous, he bought his family a new house, a big one, and I never saw them again. I wonder hoe they're doing. They must miss Niall since they probably only see him a week a year.


  After a good ten minutes of walking, I found myself in the playground that Lucy, Niall, Jason, Greg and I would always play in. Jason and Greg, Niall's brother, were around the same age and were inseparable. Niall and I were like mac and cheese, we stuck together. Lucy was kind of a third wheel around all of us. I guess she got tired of it and found her own friends.


  I looked at the two swing next to each other. The right one was blue and the left one was red. I would always get on the red one and Niall would always get on the blue one. Ugh! Why does everything have to remind me of Niall nowadays.


   Oh yeah, probably the fact that he's coming back after two years. If I see him, what should I ask him. Oh hey, Niall. How's life as a celebrity? Is it true you're dating that model called Zoe? Are those bromances about you real?


  No, I can't ask him any of those questions. It's not like I'm ever going to see him again. He probably has a full schedule and has only a little bit of time for his family.

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