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One Direction. One Direction. One Direction. That's all some girls think about, but not McKenzie. She's interested in, well, anything else but One Direction. She was living a great life until Niall Horan comes back into her life, along with four new friends. Little does she know, that these friends change everything...

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2. The Secret Park


  I found myself in an all-too-familiar place. There was a huge boulder with a bunch of vines. You'd think that there's no way around the boulder, and there isn't. But, you can always go through the boulder. Behind those vines there's an entrance to a secret park.


  It was a park that Niall and I found years ago, probably 8 or 9 years ago. When Niall and I found it, we made a pact to never tell anyone about it, it was only for the both of us. We filled it with a bunch of stuff, like bean bags, toys, and we even buried a box with our most valuable things in it.


  A smile slowly appeared on my face as I remember what we had put in it. It was a small wooden box, I put in my favorite doll and Niall put in it his first guitar pick. His guitar never fit, anyway. My eyes searched the tall green grass that obviously hasn't been mowed in a long time. There's no way that I would find it.


  I sat down on one of the dirty, and worn out bean bags. I looked around the beautiful scenery. Everything would be perfect if only Niall was here, but he wasn't, and he's never coming back. Why would he care about me anyway?


Niall's P.O.V



  How will I ever find her? I tried everything I could, but there's nothing I could do to find her. My mum said that she never heard of her or of her family after I left. She must think I'm a douche, and I probably am.


  After everything we went through together, I just left, just like that. I just wish that I could see her again and tell her how much she meant to me, and she still means heaps to me. McKenzie was my best friend and I was her best friend. I used to have the slightest of crushes on her, but I never told her because we had such an amazing friendship that I didn't want to wreck.


  Now, here I am, kicking the dirt with my worn out black converse, my hands deep in my pockets. I am heading to who-knows-where. I am in the biggest band on the planet, but I would give it up, I would give everything up, to just see McKenzie one last time and tell her how I feel, how I have always felt.


  My eyes looked up for the first time and I found myself at the entrance of the secret park that McKenzie and I had found. A wide grin spread across my face. What I would give to find McKenzie and tell her right in this place and talk to her about everything.


  I miss her, I miss my best friend, my partner in crime, and my first crush. It would be amazing if she just happened to be behind these vines. I slowly made my way through the vines and I saw a girl sitting in one of the bean bags, McKenzie's bean bag.


  "Who are you?" I asked stepping out of the vines. I narrowed my eyes trying to make out the person sitting there. She turned to face me and there was something about her that was so familiar, yet I couldn't figure out where I had seen her from.


 McKenzie's P.O.V


  My gaze came upon a blonde, blue-eyed Irishman. No, no, no, this can't happen to me. I'm just hallucinating he's not here. "Who are you?" he finally asked. I don't think he noticed me staring at him before. I looked down at the floor and tried to hide my face with my long bangs.


  "Um... M-my name is L-Lucy." I lied. Well, shit. Lucy and I are identical twins, well, not identical, our eyes are a different color and her hair is slightly lighter than mine and- This is not a time to be thinking of the differences between Lucy and I.


  "Lucy? Lucy Murtaugh?" he said, his tone surprised and happy. I finally looked up. Hopefully he won't notice that I'm McKenzie and not Lucy. "You're not Lucy. You're Mac!" he exclaimed happily. I cringed at the nickname he would always call me, 'Mac'.


  I couldn't help but to smile. He recognized me, and that says that he hasn't completely forgotten about me. "H-hey, Niall." I stuttered, a grin spreading across my face. 'Hey Niall'?, seriously, McKenzie? Was that really the best that I could do?


  He grinned from ear to ear. "McKenzie Elizabeth Murtaugh?" I nodded. "Yes, that's my name." I said slightly giggling. I slowly got up from the bean bag and cleaned my bum with my hands. He quickly ran up to me and embraced me in a hug. "Mac, I am so happy to see you! I have been looking for you everywhere! My mum said that you moved houses and I was never able to find you!" he said loudly, making me cringe.


  I laughed. "Niall, I did move, but I moved two houses down. Right in front of your old house, remember?" I asked. He smiled at the memory. "Yeah, I remember. I'm so glad to see you, Mac."


Niall's P.O.V


  "Yeah, I remember. I'm so glad to see you, Mac." I spoke truthfully. I was truly glad to see her, but at the same time I'm not. Why, you ask. Because. I promised myself that if I ever saw her again then I'd tell her how I feel, and now that I see her here, I'm not really sure if I want to tell her.


  I love Mac, I always have, and I'm completely sure that my feelings for her are real. I have never felt so sure about anything. She was on my mind ever since I left for the X-Factor. I can't seem to forget about her, ever.


A/N: AH! 100 reads! Thanks y'all so much! I am working on chapter. Should be up when we get more reads. Thanks you, again! Love ya babes. By the way, I have a story in my drafts and it's gonna be so adorable. I'll post a description of it and whoever wants to read it, you could comment a <3. I would appreciate it. DON'T COMMENT YET! COMMENT WHEN I POST THE DESCRIPTION IN THE NEXT CHAPTER. Thank you and goodbye


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