His Empty Heart

Niklaus Mikaelson has ventured out on his own, away from his siblings, away from New Orleans, away from whatever life he had there. His heart still broken from betrayal by his own family, he has gone on a murder rampage, killing left and right, but one girl stops it all. One girl is all it takes, one girl to fill his empty heart.


2. Chapter 2

Lydia's POV

I woke up in the morning, a cold sweat running down my back as I was breathing heavily. The events of last night were still imprinted on my brain and I couldn't help but have nightmares from it. I pulled back my sheets and stood up, slowly walking to my bathroom to get a quick shower before work. I run a small coffee shop/ bakery called The French Cup and Cake since it was placed in the French Quarter. I had gotten out of the shower and dressed in my usual work attire: a cami and yoga pants. Since I owned my own place, and I did a lot of baking there, there was no need for uniforms of any type. I grabbed my keys and phone and stepped outside of my apartment, walking downstairs and leaving the building, walking to work. When I got there, my best friend and co-owner Sasha was there and had the shop already opened up. She was setting out the last batch of our famous coffee cakes on display before greeting me.

"Hey, Dia!" she said, smiling as she went and flipped on our neon open sign.

"Hey, Sash." I greeted back, taking my place behind the counter and putting my belongings in my shelf.

"Hey, where did you go after Ryan's party last night? I was looking all over for you?" she asked me.

"Uh, nowhere, just walked home." I could tell I was sounding nervous by the way Sasha looked at me with suspicion.

"You sure that's all that you did?" she asked me, giving that look.

I sighed and bit my lip, trying to decide if I could tell her about the guy I saw last night. I decided I could trust her.

"Promise you can keep a secret?" I asked, slightly whispering.

"Of course, I've kept your secrets since like grade school, tell me anything." she said, sitting down at the counter as we waited for customers.

"Some guy attacked me last night. He didn't hurt me, but he grabbed me and, well, I think he was a vampire, 'cause his eyes were red and he had fangs and-" Sasha cut me off.

"You saw a vampire? Honey, I think you were pretty drunk last night, you probably were just imagining things." she said, being very reassuring.

"But I didn't drink anything last night! Plus, he was talking about compulsion and stuff. I researched it and it's something vampires can do and-"

"Dia, stop! This is crazy, it was probably some guy trying to scare you. Your not hurt, so just forget about. Your letting the legends get to you!" Sasha scolded me.

I was about to defend myself, but a customer walked in and it was back to work.

-About 2 Hours Later-

I was handing off an order to another customer, our busy hours in full swing now. I heard the bell on our door ring as a new customer entered and I looked up to see who it was, being familiar with most of our regulars, but the face of that person made my heart drop. It was him.

He walked up to the line, watching me with that smirk still on his face. Sasha was helping another customer next to me as I mindlessly filled my current customer's order, watching him carefully as he waited in my line. As Sasha and I were both back at the cappuccino maker I took the chance to tell her.

"Sash! He's here, that guy is here!' I whispered to her urgently.

"Dia, if he's here or not, just give him his order and he'll go away, stop making a big deal out of it. The guy probably won't remember you." she said as she walked back to her customer.

"Let's hope," I mumbled to myself as I walked back over to my current customer and gave her order to her. 

I put the cash she handed me in the register, and then looked up, but couldn't help but gasp when I saw his face in front of me, still smirking.

"Hello, Love! pleasure to see you again!" he said.

His voice brought goose bumps to my arms and I struggled to speak.

"Can I help you?" I asked  cautiously, looking anywhere but is eyes.

"Yes actually. I'd like a cup of coffee, black please." I wrote his order down and looked up at him.

"Anything else?' I asked timidly.

"I'd like a date with you tonight, out at the restaurant around the corner." he paused, and leaned over the counter bringing his lips near my ear. I was frozen in fear again by him, "and if you don't agree, I'll tear every single person in this room to shreds without hesitation, and you know that I can, Love." He pulled away and smirked at me again. I stared at him wide eyed.

"So, what do you say" he asked me.

"I'll go." my voice was shaking.

"Splendid, now how about that coffee, hmm?" he smiled like nothing had happened and I rushed off to make it.

I handed it to him and he handed me the cash, but before I could put it in the register, he grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"Keep the change. I'll pick you up here around 7, and you better be here when I come." he smiled again and walked off, leaving me stunned and terrified.

Strangely enough there was none left in my line, so I took the opportunity to go and take a break. I told Sasha and went into our break room and sat down. All I could do was stare at my hands. What was I going to do?


Niklaus's POV

She really is stunning! Not the bravest, but I'm quite intrigued that i can't compel her. She may be useful perhaps, a tool against Elijah and Rebekah perhaps or a blood bag if anything. This date will surely be interesting!

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