Death and Glory

The prequel to The Greatest Ludus, telling the story of Mamercus Nepos, grandfather of Titus- his rise, his fall, and his return to glory.


1. The Father

"Oh by the fucking gods..." Sextus Gellius Crispinus exclaimed as the virtually naked serving girl tripped upon the loose paving stone and sent his goblet of fine red wine all over him. His new, crisp white toga now wore a dark red stain from top to bottom, and Crispinus stood, his beady blue eyes full of rage.

He struck the poor, thin serving girl with the outside of his fist, sending her sprawling. The goblet and the silver tray it had been resting upon clattered noisily to the floor. Crispinus looked ready to deliver another blow when a hand, gentle in many respects yet carrying far more weight than it appeared, slapped down on his shoulder.

"Calm yourself Sextus!" A soft voice commanded. Crispinus sighed, as if to expell his anger, and turned to face the other man.

The deep purple sash with lavish gold trim that hung over the red toga adorned perhaps Rome's most favoured son- and, it was rumoured, most ruthless man. Gnaeus Fundanius Metellus, unassuming in appearance, shorter than the average man, with short black hair that did little to hide  the fact he was receding, was nevertheless in possession of Rome's most potent weapon- intelligence. Sharp brown eyes seemed to focus on everything and anything that may have been of interest, and his ears seemed to hear all news. Crispinus dared not wonder what news those ears had heard about him.

"She will be punished, in the appropriate manner." Continued Metellus. "But she is young, still in training and will learn."

Crispinus wanted to retort. He wanted to offer his firm opinion on the subject. As the sunlight danced in through the portholes that gave way to the view of the beautiful garden, filled with little red and yellow flowers and gentle sweet scents, he decided against it. Metellus was not known for being a reasonable man- the slightest irksome remark on Crispinus' part could spell grave danger for him.

Instead, he smiled, running a hand through his own, rather full black hair. "Of course. I am certain she will, by your firm hand, learn well."

Metellus smiled back. It was a nasty, twisted smile, not aided in it's appearance by the way the light fell upon him. "And she will not learn by your hand again, I trust?"

"Of course not, my apologies for striking your property Senator." Crispinus almost tripped over himself trying to get the words out quickly.

Metellus smiled again, only it was slightly less evil this time. "Good. Now, let us see if I have spare robes for you to wear."


The bedroom was deliberately placed in the centre of the building, to allow the room to retain greater warmth in winter, when the torches were lit, and in summer to deny entrance of the stifling heat. Light passed in to the room via a serious of mirrors- an elaborate system that provided a constant, gentle glow. It was a good arrangement

It was an even better arrangement, in the eyes of Mamercus Norbanus Nepos, when beautiful young women like the buxom blonde before him shared his bed.

She had not yet parted with her name, which she had promised would be his to know if he could bring her to orgasm. So far, with her thighs straddling his face upon the comfy bed, as he licked and lapped and probed at her, she had moaned like a horny cat, but she had not yet reached that summit of pleasure.

"Mmm, you do yourself credit Mamercus..." She purred, writhing in pleasure. Mamercus could only groan his agreement.

He licked softly and without pause, and the girl that enjoyed his efforts moaned still louder. His hands ran over her sides and thighs and made her shiver; her nipples hardened and she felt herself moisten.

"Keep going... oh please... you'll know my name very soon..." She moaned, closing those beautiful blue eyes and giving herself to her pleasure...

Only for it to be rudely interrupted at the sound of a heavy pounding upon the big wooden door that permitted entry to Mamercus' quarters.

"Ignore it." Pleaded the lady. She was now so much closer to that ultimate moment, quivering as her juices flowed and her climax neared. It was no longer a fun game- it had become an urgent need, a desperate desire to slip into that frenzy of explosive bliss.

Unfortunately for her, Mamercus only maintained the beautiful dance of his tongue for a moment longer, until the hammering upon his door began again. She felt him stop, and felt him sigh, and she got up, huffing loudly and glaring down at him.

"What could possibly offer distraction from what would have been the greatest night of your life?" She picked up her robes and began to hastily put them on. Mamercus glanced up at her, looking mournful, and watched as the incredibly sensual woman departed his quarters, admitting entry to another.

"Mamercus! Oh by the gods..." Tiberius Papirius Strabo, chief aide to Senator Metellus, looked away in disgust at the sight of the naked, semi-aroused Mamercus. It was fortunate his was a strong stomach- otherwise his breakfast would make an unexpected and unwelcome return.

"You are aware that you are expected within the archives..." Tiberius remarked as he looked the other way. He heard Mamercus sigh, then heard the rustling of clothing as the other man started to get dressed.

"Yes, I am aware Tiberious. I trust I am not late, so why, pray tell, did you have to come so urgently?" There was frustration in his voice as he threw on his robes and toga.

"Because your presence is requested by Senator Metellus himself, and the Senator is not a patient man."

Mamercus looked up at his childhood friend. He wondered if his friend was quite aware of the toll time had taken on him.

As a teenager Tiberious had been the envy of all the other boys. He had kept fit, strong, and with those traits married to his height, naturally wavey blond hair, and deep blue eyes, Tiberious had been the very definition of handsome.

Since becoming an aide for Senator Metellus, he had lost weight, losing a lot of the muscle he had gained, and his hair now held traces of silver. The light in his eyes had faded and his square-jawed face looked haggard. Nor was it only his physical appearance that had changed.

The spritely, happy teen, who loved to laugh and flirt and get involved in anything even remotely sordid, could now be summed up in one word- boring.

He did nothing but work. When the opportunity came to spend time within the finer establishments and enjoy drink (and women) Tiberious was rarely, if ever, present. Only a tiny march of years had gone by, yet the change had been profound.

"Surely you could have waited, claimed I was away?" Mamercus didn't bother to hide his exasperation.

"I cannot lie to the Senator Mamercus. Besides, he has eyes and ears everywhere and would be very much aware of the deception. I would rather not risk the wrath of the man." There was no warmth in Tiberius' voice for his old friend. Only servitude to his master.

"He surely cannot be so fearsome?" Asked Mamercus as he finished getting dressed. Tiberious fixed him with a stare.

"He is utterly focused on any given task and does not tolerate poor behaviour, including tardiness. We must go!"

Supressing yet another sigh, Mamercus nodded. "Lead the way."


The balcony held a table laden with plates of lavish food. Fresh prawns, chicken, venison and quail sat generously upon the silver platters and the smell of such exquiste goods was making Mamercus salivilate. He had not eaten (save for that young woman's pussy) since the previous night, and his eyes kept being drawn back to the table.

In front of him stood several people, but only one actually looked worth paying attention to. She was a petite little number, wearing a long pink gown that seemed to just barely hang off her breasts, which were ample. Her brunette hair flowed down her shoulders and seemed to billow outwards, and hazel eyes sparkled in the sun. Mamercus was already planning his next conquest.

Tiberious caught his eye and shook his head. He'd somehow read his mind but Mamercus didn't care. Life was not about work- it was about living, and if you couldn't do that, you might as well become one of the many stone statues that were peppered around Rome.

A man spoke- a somewhat unassuming man, short and without much in the way of formidable features, with a long, thin face. He did not look especially old, though he was certainly older than Tiberius or himself. His eyes caught the sunlight and he appeared... stern.

"You must be young Mamercus... I have heard much about you." The voice was soft, yet underneath was a current of strength.

"Yes, Senator." Replied Mamercus, suddenly apprehensive.

"I am told you are good with administrative duties and with numbers. I have need of advancing your position to further advance my own." There was less of a request in that voice, more of an expectation.

"I am... honoured." Mamercus couldn't help but allow a touch of uncertainty, but there was something about the way the Senator was looking at him, almost daring him to say no, that overcame his usually rebellious attitude.

"Excellent! You will start tomorrow. Tiberius will assist you in your new position. I trust you will settle in nicely." Before Mamercus could even offer up a reply, the Senator was walking away, deep in conversation with another aide.

The beautiful woman followed the Senator.

"That was... brief and blunt." Remarked Mamercus.

"That, Mamercus, is what the Senator is- but do not forget ruthless." Warned Tiberius.

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