Death and Glory

The prequel to The Greatest Ludus, telling the story of Mamercus Nepos, grandfather of Titus- his rise, his fall, and his return to glory.


6. Kindling

"My, Mamercus... you exceed expectations..." Rutilia panted, as she lay upon Egyptian cotton bedsheets, legs wrapped around Mamercus' frame as they rutted. She closed her eyes and moaned sensually, loving every thrust of his cock.

"I... do... like to... impress." He breathed, grinning until he kissed her. His head ducked down and his lips found her breasts, and playfully he licked and kissed and nibbled his way around her perfect mountains, taking his sweet him to suckle upon her pert nipples.

"Mmmm Mamercus..." She sighed, raking sharp nails down his back. "Do not stop. Even if the earth should open up to swallow us whole do not stop!"

He suckled harder. His teeth gripped her left nipple tightly and he gently ground his teeth, making her cry out. His tongue lashed as his shaft thrust and she moaned his name again. It was like music to his ears.

Mamercus repeated his actions against her right breast, then returned to the left, alternating as he saw fit. He felt so good, so hard, his desire aflame in a manner he had not felt before. 

Rutilia felt so wet, and her body trembled beneath him. She glistened from sweat, that glorious sticky sweat that could only come from furiously intense sex. He kissed her again, and she moaned again, and then she used her legs to twist and turn, forcing him onto his back.

"You are holding back on me." She said with false anger. "This will not do. I shall take command of you now." She slid herself down upon his erection and began to ride feverishly, leaning over him to dangle those delicious breasts in his face.

"I could never... hold back... from such... a vixen." He cupped her breasts and leaned up to lick them only to be pushed back down.

"I shall ride and you shall not touch my body until I am sated." Her eyes looked full of passion. Mamercus did not have to be told twice.

Nor could he tear his eyes off her beautiful body. "Has one of the gods fallen to earth? For I gaze upon perfection..." He groaned softly as her wet sex slid up and down his shaft.

Her breasts were right in his face as she leaned over him to pin his hands and bounce vigorously on his cock. He wanted so badly to grope and squeeze and rub and explore her with his hands... he also felt that familiar tingle, that hallmark of impending climax. He had a little way to go yet, but his pleasure was growing.

"You flatter me... mmm, but I can live with that..." Rutilia purred like a cat, and leaned back, sliding her own hands over her breasts and moaning with delight. "As I can with this. Oh most definitely..." She moaned, louder this time, and Mamercus could feel her body tremble. She was nearly at her peak.

"I would have you erupt your essence into me..." She looked down at him, and slipped a hand behind herself, whereupon she started to stroke and stroke his sac. He closed his eyes and groaned. 

"If you should continue along current path I will have no choice but to release it into you..."

"Then that is what I shall do."

She rode him harder, if that were possible, panting and moaning as her nails raked and scratched and caress his balls. It was too much for Mamercus to bear.

He gritted his teeth and let out a growl as his shaft reached its height of stiffness and that glorious pulsing orgasm triggered the bursting of his seed within her. She continued to ride, hard, keening in her own glory until he was completely spent, and she collapsed upon him, still moaning softly in his arms.

"I would.... imagine... Senator Metellus would be... displeased." She grinned up at him.

"Ha, let him be. That old fossil almost certainly does not recall such worldly pleasures."

Rutilia's face turned serious. "What should we do now?"

"We 'do' nothing. In a perfect world we could be open and honest of our relationship. In the world we face, caution is our ally. This is not the only time I wish to spend within your arms Rutilia, and I will see to it we can share warm embrace again. We must however, be wise to limit frequency of our meetings."

Her eyes flicked downward in thought. "That is wise. Unusually wise for you I suspect." She teased. "Will you be able to resist my siren song?"

Mamercus smiled. "Should you sing your song I will be helpess to resist. I I can but hope you can exercise greater restraint than I."

"That may be difficult. Your cock has provided much enjoyment, and your mind also."

Now Mamercus laughed. "I have never had anyone appreciate my mind before."

"You hide within yourself. I believe you are a smarter man than you reveal. You would present image of lover, not thinker, but you have provided good conversation and intriguing company."

It was Mamercus's turn to think. "Truthfully, I have never been too sure of whom to share good conversation with." He looked deep into her light-brown eyes and brushed a lock of errant brunette hair away. "I have never met anyone as compelling as you."

"Careful Mamercus. That look in your eyes... one might think you are falling in love." Her voice was playful but her eyes held a warmth he could not look away from.

"Perhaps I am..." He tilted his head and brushed his lips against hers. "And already I fear I will not be able to heed my own words about caution."

Rutilia placed a hand on his cheek. "You should be wise to your own words. Lust is one thing. I knew you wanted me in bed the moment I saw you. Love is quite another. It can take you places... and lead to decisions... that are against all reason and sense."

"You sound almost like you are against love."

Rutilia rolled off him and propped herself up but her elbow. "Mamercus, I have seen what the giddy heights of love look like. I have felt those joys. I also know the scars love can bring."

There was a note in her voice that made Mamercus sit up. "You have been hurt."

Rutilia nodded. "When I was younger, still but barely a woman, I met a man who was a soldier of Rome. He was a good man, an honest man, a man some considered a future captain and leader. I fell in love, and we became inseperable. His family were good to my and my father and we even toyed with talk of marriage." Her voice was soft, low.

"After almost of a year of our relationship he was dispatched with his legion to quash a rebellion in southern Gaul. He was to be gone for at least two months. He wrote to me frequently, assuring me he was well, and safe, and that I should not worry." Now her voice started to crack.

"After two months, his writings ceased. Completely. I did not hear from him. At first I consoled myself with the thought that he was busy. After all, he was a soldier, fighting battles. marching from one place to another. He could not always communicate. Then his legion returned." A tear began to slip down her cheek.

"Many men did not return from their mission. I saw men, women and children weep as they came to realise their loved ones were gone, departed from this world. Still I kept hoping that my love had returned. I did not see him with the others. I spoke to the captain, pleading for news- perhaps he had become seperated and was returning via another path. Instead I learned that he had died in battle, killed by an ambush of archers whilst upon horseback. My world shattered that day."

Rutilia looked deep into Mamercus' eyes. "I have told few this. I do not know why but I trust you with this as well. If I am hesitant about loving you, it is not because of you. You are a good man and I wish to see you again. Understand if I do not give you my heart though. At least, not yet."

Mamercus nodded somberly. "I cannot claim to understand your pain and truthfully, I cannot claim to have been in love before. I will not pressure you, you have my word."

"I am grateful for your company. It soothes me Mamercus. Now, let us return to more pleasant thoughts..." She ran a hand down his thigh. "I would prefer to think of pleasure than pain." 

He shivered a little, feeling blood beginning to flow back toward his length. "I can accommodate that."


Try as he might, Mamercus could not shake the memories of the previous night from his mind as he stepped into his workplace for another day's toil. As ever, Senator Metellus had piled reports and accounts upon his desk for Mamercus to sort through and process, and as he looked at the mountain of work that awaited him, Mamercus had to resist the urge to strike it all away in a blaze of frustration. His normally pristine white robes were ruffled, creased, and his hair unkempt. He did not look his usual picture of confidence.

He wanted but one thing- to be back in Rutilia's arms, embracing her, kissing her, making love to her...

Love. Was that the right word? He didn't know. He felt a stirring in his heart that he was not familiar with, a dull ache that co-incided with thought of Rutilia. The only thing that seemed to ease that ache was the prospect of reuniting with her.

His focus was off and he knew it. Part of him didn't much care for it either. He had never allowed a woman to cloud his judgement before. Many pretty faces had come by his bed and he had never felt swayed by any of them to seek their company again. What made Rutilia so different?

Hands took to parchment and eyes began to read but he was having to apply greater effort, something that did not go unnoticed.

"You are not your boisterious self this morning." Tiberius spoke as he entered the work room. He appeared his usual harried self, and his own blue toga looked as ruffled as Mamercus' own, but this was hardly surprising. He sat himself down, studying Mamercus with curious eyes.

"I am... deep in thought of all the work I must do."

Tiberius stifled a laugh. "You, deep in thought of work! I find that hard to believe."

"Why would that be?" Mamercus barely looked up.

"Because you think of wetting lips and cock and little else." Tiberius' voice was harsh.

"At least I have been known to wet my lips and cock on occasion." Still he did not look up, instead idly flicking through a set of parchments.

"Still..." Tiberius began with some reproach in his voice. "When you say you are consumed by thoughts of work, you are either ill or you are lying,"

Now Mamercus looked up, annoyance crossing his face. "I do not appreciate your tone."

"And I do not appreciate your never-ceasing jibes, yet I tolerate them. When the tables turn you become sour. Ironic."

Mamercus sighed. "I am sorry. I am just... distracted. I have experienced recent... let us describe it as turmoil."

"Is your family in trouble? A friend come to grief?" Sympathy and concern entered Tiberius' voice.

"No! No, nothing so dramatic or worrying. At least, it is a different kind of worry. Tiberius..." Mamercus stood, looked at his papers, then faced Tiberius squarely. "I am... in love."

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