The Wisdom of Wildflowers

Scarlett is an outcast. With headlines like,‘Eleven Year Old Claims Murder Victim Was Demon’ and ‘Eleven Year Old Murderer Checks Into Psychiatric Hospital’ attached to her name, how could she not be?

Phoenix is the new kid. When a peculiar man sweeps his aunt off her feet, he becomes the classic case of rags to riches. But when he overhears a sinister, confusing conversation and meets a girl named Scarlett, things quickly get complicated.

Lily is a witch. When the Sorcery Guard comes to arrest her mother on counts of Necromancy, she feels something is amiss. But after discovering a prophecy in her mother’s things, she realizes her mother has been framed.

When the one who walks with God, the one who hears the divine, and the one who made the connection come together, the world will change forever. The fate of the magical government and every being that litters the earth is in their ever-reluctant hands.


7. ||six|| prophecy

Phoenix stood outside of Shaman Sense: Witchcraft Supplies and Psychic Readings for a few minutes, preparing to go in. Whatever was in here could possibly explain what Dave was up to and the connection between him, Atria Fowler, and Scarlett. He took a deep breath before pushing open the door and parting the curtain of beads. 

The inside of the store looked like something a hippie would be comfortable in but definitely not Phoenix. He put his hands in the pockets of his black leather jacket and ducked his head down as he pretended to search through the books. He didn't know what to say to the girl behind the counter. Was he just supposed to blurt out that he was looking for Atria Fowler? Ask if she knew Dave?

"Is there anything I can help you with?" the girl asked. He turned to her. She had shoulder length mousy brown hair and blunt bangs that stretched across her forehead. She looked distressed.

Phoenix paused before answering. " Atria Fowler here?"

The girl's eyes widened. "Why are you asking?"

Phoenix took a step back. "I was just told that she worked here. I'm sorry, is there something wron--"

"She's not here right now. Is there a message you'd like to leave her?" The girl furrowed her brow in anticipation. Her gaze penatrated Phoenix like fire--it was as if she were looking straight into his soul and seeing something in it--something that she recognized.

Just then a bell rang overhead and Phoenix whirled around in surprise. Frizzy blonde hair and a pallid complexion filled his vision. Scarlett had walked through the curtain of beads and met his eyes with an embarrassed expression. "Oh, I didn't know you would be here... Sorry. I'm not stalking you or anything."

And then, that's when Phoenix knew, this was no coicidence.


The blonde girl stood next to the tall guy with the scar. Some sort of familiarity was stirring in Lily's chest--not just for the boy but both of them. "I just remembered the name of the shop and I thought I would check it out. You know--in case it was worth it."

Lily studied them, trying to figure out where she knew them from. "Well, was it?" the boy said. She cocked her head to the side and crossed her arms over her chest. There was just something about them...

"The one who walks with God has returned.

The ones who've halted the soul evolution will meet their demise.

The magic world will be restored to it's former glory. 

The one who hears the divine shall be the key.

The end is near."

That's it. In that moment, it clicked. These were the ones prophecized about. "Where did you hear the name Atria Fowler?" Lily questioned the male. 

He shifted his weight and glanced at the girl. "I heard my aunt's fiance say her name. I don't know why... I guess they knew each other."

Lily buried all her inhibitions deep down so they wouldn't interfere with what she was about to do. "You need to tell me exactly what he said. Word for word. This is important. My mother was thrown into jail for something she didn't do and if your uncle--"

"He's not my uncle."

"If your aunt's fiance knows anything, I need to know," she explained, despite the confused looks on both of their faces. 

"Well," he began, visibly straining to remember. "He said something about...a prophecy. And that the kids were so ignorant. And something about keeping Atria Fowler locked up... He was talking to something-someone called.. Mati--Masti--Magister--"

"Magister Andros?" Lily's heart leapt. She had been right. Her connection with her intuition seemed to be growing stronger.

"Yeah, that was it. But I don't understand what any of that even means... I mean, what prophecy--"

"I know what he was talking about. I think you both need to see this," she said.

"Both of us? I don't think I have anything to do with this," the girl said.

The boy took his hands out of his pocket and kneeded his fists together. "Listen...Scarlett...I didn't know how to tell you this because, well, it sounds completely crazy but--my uncle said something about you too... He said that you don't even know what you are..."

"What I am--"

"Look, I can show you exactly what he's talking about if you just come with me," she said, taking a key out of her pocket and jogging to the door, locking it. She led them behind the counter where she kept the prophecy, stashed under stacks and stacks of paper. 

"Here, read this."

Scarlett held the paper and the boy looked over her shoulder. They both read it silently with their faces scrunched up in a mixture of confusion and concentration. "The one who walked with God? The one who hears the divine? This can't be about us--"

"Well, it is. Do either of you hear-I don't know, voices or something?" Lily asked.

Scarlett looked down with an expression of shame. "I do."

"You do?" the boy asked in surprise.

"Well, yeah. That's why I was put in Sunny State... I hear...angels-well, that's what they tell me they are, anyway," she mumbled, shuffling her left foot across the floor with intent.

Lily brought her hands together and a loud clap sounded through the room. "That's it! That's the divine. You must be the one who walked with God then. Oh my, what could that mean?" she pondered. "I am just so happy. I asked the universe to send me something good today. What's your name, anyway?"

"Phoenix. Phoenix Rise."

Lily giggled. "That's perfect. You must be the incarnate of the one who walked with God. Get it? Phoenix's rise from their ashes? Amazing. The universe really has a sense of humor."

It was silent as Lily basked in her joy. This was the one thing she was waiting for--although she never thought it would come in the form of two random people walking into the shop. She would take what she was given.

But nothing could ever truly work out for Lily and that was apparent as Phoenix started backing up. "Look, I really can't do this. I'm not the one who walks with God or whoever it is that you're looking for. I'm sorry--I just--I can't."

He pushed the beads out of the way forcefully and half of them fell from the ceiling. The bell signaled his abrupt departure, leaving an ominous wave and an empty feeling in his wake. Lily's insides felt like mush as she watched her only hope walk past the window and out of her sight.

It took a few minutes before she realized that her mouth was hanging open. "What is his problem? Doesn't he realize that he's the only thing standing in between my mom and a noose?" Lily exclaimed, falling backwards into the reading chair, tears surfacing. 

"They're-they're going to hang your mom?" Scarlett stammered.

"They might. And it's all because of that stupid prophecy... If it isn't fulfilled before they reach a verdict... They want to shut her up... I just-I don't know--"

"I'll talk to him," Scarlett interrupted.

"You will?"'

"Of course."

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