Hetalia one-shot requests

This will be a request thing for Hetalia so put the request in the comments and I will get the request done as soon as I can


2. Prussia x Reader Lemon (M warning)

 (Your p.o.v)

God fucking dammit I died!!! This wouldn't be so fucking bad if I didn't have to take of a piece of clothing off every time I die well if your confused I'll explain I'm at the beilschmidt's home, playing video games with Gilbert. We made a deal: Every time you die, you take off a piece of clothing. Gil has his shirt off, and I have my shorts and shoes off. Gilbert keeps giving me this look I can't decide on if its lustful or it's just him being goofy but whatever it is I'm so confused and slightly feeling uncomfortable I mean I have known him and his brother for years now and Gil always made me uncomfortable with his flirtatious actions and cocky manner but it's him you can't be friends with him without getting both of those sides of him. "Take off another piece, frau," Gil said with a smirk as he looked at me through the corner of his eye. He's already seen me in a bikini, so what's the difference if I have on underwear? I slowly pulled my shirt up and over my head, a little hesitant to do so in front of him. I blushed he was staring at me giving me the stare he has been giving me all night he then did something that made my mind explode he leaned over and pushed down my arms and placed his lips on mine kissing me passionately my eyes were wide not kissing back staring into his eyelids he deepened the kiss I closed my eyes and started kissing back he let go of my arms and I wrapped them around his neck I felt his devious smirk form on his lips he let the kiss go and kissed my jaw line my face got redder if that was even possible anymore he moved down to my neck and started sucking and licking in various places till he found my sweet spot I let out a loud moan I went wide eyed he chuckled and spoke "Schatz du bist so bezaubernd" I don't know what he said but he went down to sucking my sweet spot I moaned more and louder he started to go lower and starting kissing my chest his hand slowly made his way behind me and started to undo my bra I just lost all movement and speech he pulled off my bra and sat up he over looked my body my arms rushed up to cover my lady parts I didn't expect Gil to grab my arms and hold me down he then said "Don't hide you're beautiful body from me there has been to much anticipation for me to see it for far to long" I kept blushing I really don't think that I'm going to stop blushing for a while. Gil started suckling one of my breasts and groping and rubbing the other making my nipples perked I was a moaning mess I then felt his hand slide down and under my panties he started rubbing my clit while he was sucking my breasts sometimes changing breasts from right to the left I moaned out "Gil please I  just want to be fucked" I Can't believe I let that slip out I was wide eyed he saw my eyes and laughed and said "Oh really now" he then sat up and ripped off my panties and stuck a finger in me I screamed out as he pushed his finger in and out of me I kept my mouth open just letting the moans out there was no holding them in even if I tried. He kept that on for a while till he stopped and took his boxers off, He grabbed my thighs and slide me toward him he looked into my eyes with a look asking if he can put him self in me I nodded he slowly pushed himself into me and with one hard thrust he was all the way inside me tears slide down my cheeks and heavy ragged breaths came out of my mouth the pain was unbearable to feel Gil was waiting giving me kisses and trying to help me forget the pain somehow. After a couple of minutes the pain felt like it had subsided and I spoke "G-Gil you can move" he nodded and moved his hips and began to start thrusting in and out of my womanhood it felt so good. He thrust-ed harder each time he sucked on my neck as he thrust-ed after awhile I was coming to my climax. I climaxed and he thrust-ed one more time with ragged breath as he came he laid on me for a while with his cock still inside me he buried his face into my neck and hugged me to his body he whispered in my air quietly "I love you so much" my eyes half lidded my heart beat still racing I respond "I love you too Gilbert".
























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