The story of Mr.Ravioli and Mr.Oilvar

Mr.Ravioli and Mrs.Ravioli come into a terrible problem............


2. The Disappearence


Chapter one

Mrs.Ravioli was cooking dinner when she hears a very loud shatter of glass and a scream. It comes from Samantha’s room. She ran as fast as she could to her room but samantha was no where to be found……… Mrs.Ravioli panicked and said “Oh no Mr.Ravioli!!!! Mr.Ravioli!!!!”

he bursts into the room and says, “what, What is going on in here?”

Samantha she’s... she’s gone!!!” Says Mrs. Ravioli.

“what do you mean she’s gone?” says Mr.Ravioli “i heard a glass shatter and then i heard a scream” says Mrs.Ravioli.

“you don’t think she was kidnapped do you?” asks Mr. Ravioli. Mrs .Ravioli gets a scared look on her face and passes out.

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