The story of Mr.Ravioli and Mr.Oilvar

Mr.Ravioli and Mrs.Ravioli come into a terrible problem............


4. Terrified

As Mr.Ravioli Freaks out he asks Jimmy, Bobby, and Timmy where George is and they say they’re not sure. “All I saw was a yellow, Orange kinda blur and then there was a big puff of smoke and then George disappeared.“ says Bobby. Mr.Ravioli thinks to himself “oh no Mrs.Ravioli passed out, we don’t know where Samantha went, and now George just went missing!” Mr.Ravioli sits down and tells them how mommy is not sleeping she is knocked out because Samantha went missing. The three boys climb up to their dad and hug him. “don’t worry boys i will find Samantha and George.” Says Mr.Ravioli

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