The story of Mr.Ravioli and Mr.Oilvar

Mr.Ravioli and Mrs.Ravioli come into a terrible problem............


11. Problem Solved

The boys go looking for Mr.Ravioli they peek in multiple windows but they don’t see him.

“Dad?”Jimmy yells.

“BOYS!” cries a voice.

“Bobby did you hear that?” asks Timmy.

“Yes I did Timmy.”

“Do you think it was dad Jimmy?” asks Timmy.

Timmy turns around to look at Jimmy.



“Bobby where did he go.”



“Oh no I’m all alone!?!?”




“Where did you go!”

 Timmy is running down the halls looking in windows trying to find them.

He is scared half to death.

“I seeeee you.” says a mysterious voice.

Timmy runs faster until he runs into the wall and somehow falls through. He looks at the wall in confusion.

“Timmy!” yells six voices.

He turns around and sees Mr.Ravioli,Mrs.Ravioli,George,Bobby,Jimmy, and Samantha.

“Guys!” he yells in excitement.

“Your ok.”

“Let me get you out of that rope and duck tape.”


Timmy blacks out for a couple minutes and when he wakes up he is tied up in ropes and duck tape on his mouth like all the rest.

“There now that I have you here.”

“I’ve decided that….” as the man is talking Mr.Ravioli reaches into his pocket and finds a piece of broken glass.

He slowly cuts the rope and frees himself and when he is cut free he passes the glass to Mrs.Ravioli and then onto the rest.

When they are all out the jump up and surround the man who is wearing a hat and dark clothes so that you couldn’t see who it is.

They push him into the corner and rip of his hat that covers his face.

“Mr.Oilvar!” shouts Mrs.Ravioli.

“Yes it is me.” says Mr.Oilvar.

While they are all talking to him Mr.Ravioli sneaks over to the phone and calls the police. “Wait what are you doing Ravioli!?!?” asks Mr.Oilvar.

Right as he finishes his sentence they hear wailing sirens.

Then police officers who are also raviolis burst into the room and handcuff Mr.Oilvar.

“What have you done Ravioli!” Screams Mr.Oilvar.

“Just keeping the Ravioli city safe.” says Mr.Ravioli

“Ahhhhhh!” Mr.Oilvar yells as he gets taken away.

“Well guys lets go home.” Mr.Ravioli says calmly.

“Great idea.” Mrs.Ravioli says.




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