The story of Mr.Ravioli and Mr.Oilvar

Mr.Ravioli and Mrs.Ravioli come into a terrible problem............


8. Excitement

Daddy where are we going?” the boys ask curiously. “I think i know who kidnapped them” Mr.Ravioli says in excitement. “Who?” The boys shout. “Ok, so you boys know how i have a twin brother Mr.Oilvar” Mr.Ravioli explains. “Is he the dude with the weird mustache?” The boys ask. “Yes, anyways when I was in Samantha’s room, I saw a trail of ravioli sauce from the window and on the floor and then back out the window” Mr.Ravioli says. “Oh but I thought Uncle Oilvar was nice” Bob says in confusion.”Well, when we were kids he was always mean to me and my friends. He would call them names and hurt them, so one day I was mean to him and then he ran away from home. I have never seen him since.” Mr.Ravioli explains.


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