In the years that i joined this faction i realized that it has a lot of expectations and i have to go along with the initiation process.


6. Chapter 6: On the road

As dauntless prepares the initiates that have just became dauntless members to become guards of dauntless faction or even council members, as the days go by i decided that i will be a council member because i am good at what i do as a leader but Tris has decided that i will be the head of Dauntless faction and in charge of everything at dauntless so now everyone calls me One or Dj because i told them to call me that, while jesy calls me DavidJames so now i am pretty sure that there will be a couple of people that will hate me because i am strict and i am hard on them plus i push them to strive to become the best cause if they are not they will be faction less.

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