In the years that i joined this faction i realized that it has a lot of expectations and i have to go along with the initiation process.


5. Chapter 5: My wife!!!!!!



After we got married at dauntless faction that's when my sister asked the council if she could join the dauntless that's when they allowed her to join the dauntless plus i really appreciate the fact the both councils decided to let my little sister in even though she is abnegation but they have allowed my sister to be in dauntless because i was an abnegation transfer and i was very well know in abnegation including our parents. Since i have been reunited with my sister i am very happy that we are together but now my sister/daughter is here at dauntless jesy and i have the entire Apartment to our selves plus we are going to have a little fun in the apartment. After a couple of hours passed jesy decided that we should have a child together so we decided to have sex in our bed and after we were done with having sex in our apartment she said " that she'll love me for a thousand years", so i decided that we should be together until the end of time.

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