In the years that i joined this faction i realized that it has a lot of expectations and i have to go along with the initiation process.


3. Chapter 3: David's Point of View

As Jesy and i started to become more than friends that's when i realized that we are actually in love and nobody knows her real name except me and i think there might be a reason behind that and it might be that she dose not trust anyone except me because we kissed in the fear landscape where i literally broke down and cried because i shot my sister but it was just a simulation and i could not bring myself out of it until jesy kissed me on the lips then i just snapped out of my crying stage that's when i grabbed her and caressed her then kissed her romantically. As we walked out of the fear landscape she set it to her fear landscape that's when i figured out why they called her three it is because she fears to be loved and rejected, killing someone, and then also losing someone she loves in a war or in initiation. After we were done and i realized that they called her three because she only had three fears, while i only have one fear yet now they are probably going to call me one because i only have one fear but i can not live with guilt especially when i know that i would kill my own sister except i might have to realize that i rather sacrifice myself for her because she is my only family that is alive and i have raised her as my own daughter because our parents died when we were young. Since i am the oldest this means i have to conquer my fears and be brave for my sister while she came to visit me often at Dauntless and i visited her with my girlfriend jesy that's when i realized that my sister is finally going to be part of the abnegation counsel i am so proud of my sister Maria Elena Salinas she is all the family that i soon will have because i told her that Jesy and i are going to get married and we want her to be my fiance's bridesmaid while my friend Juan and Angel are my best man for my wedding.

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