In the years that i joined this faction i realized that it has a lot of expectations and i have to go along with the initiation process.


2. Chapter 2: The Fear Landscape!!!!!!

In the fear landscape i face my fears yet i only have one fear which is getting killed in battle by my friends or by other initiates or even killing my sister i do not know which fear it will be,so now i must face my fears and once i realized that this is a simulation that's when i pull the gun from the person that's when i turn around and shot at him then i realized it was my own sister that i killed then i am saying: 

"I am so sorry Maria i did not know it was you",

then i realized that i am in my fear landscape that's when Tris comes in alone and tells me:

"It is okay it is just a Simulation dj you did not kill your sister",

"I know i just can not kill my sister because she is all i have left in this world",

then that's when she said:

"She is not the only one that cares about you dj i also care about you in this world and i think i am in love with you dj",

she shocked me because i love her and i do not know what to say to her except for the fact that 

"i love you too three",

then she said:

"you can call me Jesy that is my real name",

i can not believe that i am on a first name basis with my instructor at dauntless Faction.

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