In the years that i joined this faction i realized that it has a lot of expectations and i have to go along with the initiation process.


1. Chapter 1: Living in Dauntless

As long as i can remember i have been living in Dauntless Faction for a long time plus i never made it pass initiation because i always got sick so they just kept me as a Dauntless initiate so now i am no longer sick so now i can begin initiation and also i have just met this year's leader yet she is very pretty and she is my age yet her name is three and mine's is Dj that is the name i chose for my self because it is short for my name which no body knows what it is except for me and my friends who are Adeline,Cathy,Samantha,Coraline,Denise, and Dflow these are my best friends they are the new initiate's just like me but they are all related some how yet i am the only one who's sister is living at Abnegation while i am going through training with three which she is a bitch but i still like her and my friends just say 

"it is a phase that i am going through",

then i reply by saying

"Girls come on i am in love with three why can't you girls see that i am in love with three",

then that's when she comes in and we all pick up guns and aim at the target yet i have already done this but i must do this again in order to get my scores in yet i must at least aim at my target and when i pull back on the trigger that's when i hit my target and every one is amazed that i made contact with my target. After i shot my bullet at the target that's when three and Tris approached me and they asked me 

"if i have fired a gun before"

then is reply by saying:

"Yes, i have actually done this part of initiation but i never made it to the other parts of initiation because i got sick a lot before i could complete the other initiation process",

that's when they escort everyone to the fighting arena to see if i can go up against dauntles-born initiates yet the initiate i go up against is a guy named Angel and within a few seconds i defeat him then his friend Juan next, is Lily then i am ranked first after this initiation process.

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