Missing the Rain

Basicaly my last week before and after moving.


5. 5

       As the sun slowly makes it's long journey to get to my window, I lay in bed, in the darkness. I know that the last day has already begun, I know that after today I won't see my classmates for months and I can't help but wonder, will they remember me? Will they think of me during those long months that we won't be together, but the thought that has been haunting my mind for days now is: Will they forget me?

Slowly the sun shows it's golden rays as they shoot through my window. I'm already dressed and on my way toward the bus stop. This time I take an extra long look from the plateau because it's the last time I'll get to see it. I made sure I saw every detail, hidden every little street in my mind so I will never forget it. I look at my phone for the time, 6:50, I better get going.

It's strange watching these people on the bus, in the park, on the road. None of them know what you are going through, they just see you as another face that they will forget just seconds later. I look at them all and think: what i your story? Where have you been? What's wrong?

I'm getting closer to the school, I can  already see it's faded pink facade in the distance, it looks so small from here, but oh the memories it holds. Buildings are like faces, they hold memories, thoughts, feelings, but only the people inside get to hear those thoughts, see those memories being made.

Somewhere deep down I knew that today was going to be a good day. We didn't have 3 or more of our 7 classes and they where tied with the break. We were going to have hours to be together and just enjoy our last day before the holidays begun and we all went our separate ways.

First class, geography. We talked about how the first semester had gone, how we liked the school so far and generally anything that comes to mind. The teacher was also relaxed, she didn't even take attendance that day. The classroom filled with different stories and jokes, songs and discussions. All the sounds seemed to come together to form a chorus of mumbles and hums. When the bell went off everyone exchanged a 'have a good holiday' with the teacher and walked out of the room. She told me to come and visit and wished me a safe trip like everyone else.

Next class, math. I couldn't even begin to think of what was going to happen in the next 30 minutes. When four of my friends asked to come up to the teacher and ask her something I really didn't make much of it. They went out of the room with a quick step to their walk, and they were smiling. I kept talking to my friends that sat next to me and behind me, it was a class like any other, only we didn't do anything math related. After about 20 minutes the four of my friends came back inside. One of them slowly approached me, smiling, with her hands behind her back. When she pulled them in front of her I saw a red peace of paper and a chocolate, she was holding her hands out toward me. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened, then I took the paper and chocolate from her and gave her a big hug. Unwillingly my eyes started tearing up and a few tears escaped. She pulled me out into the center of the classroom where everyone came around me a huge group hug. I only got a hug like that once, but this one was different, as I started falling back from the lack of balance all my fears melted away. I knew they wouldn't forget me and there was no way I would ever forget them. When the bell rang I took the red peace of paper and read what it said:

        "In life you will move a lot of times, but we will always stay the same, we will miss you a lot,

         your I10 from Zemunska."

I almost started crying again but I did my best to hold it in. The red peace of paper tingling in my hands, I want to put it down and go spend my last hours with my friends, but for some reason I couldn't seem to put it down. I just kept staring at it. It's funny how a peace of paper this simple can make someone feel so complicated. when I finally manage to pull my sight from it I see an empty classroom, everyone is waiting outside for us to go to McDonald's, which is near to our school. I leave the card and chocolate and get my friend. We head out and with about six more people we start toward the street behind our school that leads to our destination.

We go over to the counter where I order a sandwich and orange juice while my friend payed for it . The two of us go upstairs to find a place to sit. We started eating while we were waiting for the othrs to arrive. We've been waiting for about 10 minutes before my friend went downstairs to se what was taking them so long. After a while I heard her yell:

"They're not here!"

"Well where are they?"

"They went outside!"

I can't really describe the feeling that swept over me at that moment, mainly because I can't remember it that well. It was something between fear, disappointment, sadness and worry. Why did they just go of like that? Why didn't they tell us they were going to go?

I quickly drank my juice, knowing I would regret it later and rushed outside. By the time the two of us got outside they were gone. I tried calling about tree of them  but no one answered. We knew it was hopeless to keep standing there like lost dogs so we decided to go back to the school to look for them there.

It was a bit cold outside but I was rushing too much to realize it. The roads were still wet from the melting snow that had fallen yesterday. somehow everything felt lifeless: the threes were bare, the roads empty and the sky was so grey it looked like ash. The only noises I heard where the sounds of me and my friend making our way through streets and beside cars. When we got back to the school we saw one of the friends that was with us and asked him what had happened:

"We ended up not having enough money so we came back."

He told us and so we went our separate ways. We went to the other end of the park and sat down on one of the benches in front of the red and green park where the kids played.

We sat there for about 15-20 minutes on the green, wooden bench, talking and laughing as if this was going to happen again tomorrow and they day after, and the day after.The moments seemed to calm me down like a poison slowly working it's way through my reality, changing it into something different. 

An ocean of kids our age, younger and older seemed to appear on the walk way behind us, lunch must have started.

We got up and dived in, joining the crowd, walking back to school.

In the classroom our friends were playing with a rope attached to a stick, the kind gymnasts use in their routines. Two of the girls, thy were twins, did gymnastics professional so we take advantage of that sometimes. They were trying to twirl it around themselves but all they managed to do was almost choke themselves , I couldn't help but laugh. We have two more classes  to have fun, then language and them my days in this school would end.

One of us bought a tea so all of us could share it. The cold air from outside was slowly seeping into the classroom. Winter was here weather we liked it or not. I did like it though, because where I was going the snow has never fallen and probably never will.

the rest of the day passed by in stories, laughs and good buys', somehow it didn't seem like time was even passing by, like it all happened in less than a second and I didn't even get a second glance. Before I knew it I was already in the bus heading home. I was sad but I was also somehow happy, it was the most amazing day and even thought it was over I knew I would always remember it.


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