Missing the Rain

Basicaly my last week before and after moving.


4. 4


         It's Thursday by now and my last week is slowly finishing. Every day seems to be going by faster and faster, the exact opposite of how I want it to go.

'What am I going to feel like when the last bell rings tomorrow?'

I ask myself

'Will I be sad that I won't see these people until summer, or will I be happy about it?'

No one knows how they're going to feel until they've felt it. I just hope it won't end up being a huge mistake. I hope that when I move I won't keep feeling regret. If only time could stop for a while, give me a minute to think. I was fighting a war with my mind and, I was losing.

         My first class was french, at least I knew that I could lay back a bit and just talk to my friends a bit, well for the first 45 minutes of school anyway. The class ended with my teacher wishing me good luck and telling me to come and visit. That promise wouldn't be very hard to keep, thankfully. I knew somehow that I was going to miss this place and that the first chance I got I would come back and visit them.

It was a short day today, we only have five classes, and in a way it was a relief.  I needed more time alone, just to finally accept the fact that tomorrow is my last day in this school. It will be fun, I know this much, we only have two or three of our classes tomorrow and seven classes in total which means I will have a lot of time to spend with my friends before we part for almost six months.

Our last class for the day was music. We always have a good laugh with our teacher. It was always a good cure for depression, and today, I needed a double dose. No matter how hard our teacher tries to be serious, her expressions along with the jokes coming from the back row were enough to make anyone, and I mean anyone laugh, even me. So far how the day was gong that should have been considered a honor.

We all looked out of the window when my friend yelled:


He was right, hug white puffs were falling from the sky and sticking onto everything. It was th first snow of the year and it made me smile, and I mean really smile. It was  moment of true happiness, one I thought I wasn't going to feel for a while. I was worried I wasn't going to be here to witness it first hand but obviously someone heard my wish. I haven't seen snowflakes this big since three or four years ago. It was wonderful. 

The trip back home was great, it passed by so fast it was as if it wasn't even there. 

As the last snowflake fell on my winter coat I entered my building and vanished into the darkness until the last day dawned.

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