Missing the Rain

Basicaly my last week before and after moving.


3. 3



          I wake up quickly because I heard my alarm go of. I look at the clock, it’s 6:00am, I get up that early because I don’t like to have to rush things. I slowly go over to the bathroom to wash my face and change for school, the entire time leaning next to the radiator to keep warm. I pack my books, making sure I have everything I need for that day and then slowly go downstairs to make breakfast.

My grandma is still sleeping so I do my best not to wake her up. I leave my bag and jacket on the sofa and go into the kitchen. I turn the lights on and open the drawer where the cereal is. Outside I can still see the stars, shimmering like glitter a kid would put onto his presentation to make it look nicer.

When I’m done with breakfast I go back upstairs to wake up my grandma, then I go out toward the bus station.

To get to the bus station I have to walk across a plateau and down the stairs. Every time when I go along this route in the morning I stop for a second at the top of the stairs because at that very moment the sunrise is usually the most beautiful. All the pink, orange and yellow seem to mix together like they’re forming a painting. I slowly start walking down the stairs watching as the beautiful sunrise turns into daylight.

By the time I get to the bus station the sun is almost completely up. Now I wait, sometimes it takes just a few minutes sometimes longer for the bus to get there but when it does arrive I’m almost always completely against going in because of the amount of people already inside, this day was no exception. I manage to squeeze between all the people and get to the window. In the bus you can find people of all ages, from kids going to maybe 2nd grade to grandmas and grandpas going to visit their children and grandchildren. It’s nice to watch these people sometimes, it calms you down, and you feel as if people today can still be happy just by doing the everyday things.

The music is plying in my head while I adjust my headphones so they don’t fall out of my ear. I lean onto the window and look outside. I see cars and buildings but most of all I see friends, people I’ve never seen before laughing along the way and hanging out, and I wonder how can everyone always be so happy, but then again who knows what they’re like when they’re alone?

The bus finally gets to my stop, now there is a lot less people then there was when I just came in so I get out easily. I walk over to the traffic light. Press the button on the metal body and wait for it to turn green. A few seconds later there was already at least five more people waiting with me. Green, we started walking across like a mob of protestors. When we got to the opposite end every ne went into their own direction. Some went to the other bus stop, some to the collage and some went my way to the high school.

Now I’m standing at the beginning of the long walkway through the park that leads to my school. It’s wide and long and it seems like it never ends. One foot after the other I go by while watching all the trees around me and the fog that seemed to cover the entire city now. It looks so peaceful, so mysterious.  

All of a sudden huge brown doors are towering in front of me. The doors were old and the paint was chipping, one of them was open so I slid through the little opening and got into the school.

It doesn’t really surprise me that the school looks like this, after all the building was 150 years old and it did used to be a prison. To be honest sometimes it still does feel like it’s a prison. I wonder how a place that was constructed to look like it was part of a Roman palace could ever be a prison.

Now another pair of white doors tower over me. These doors are different though; they have a different feeling to them, a lot scarier than the first, probably because they lead into my classroom where all the tests and lessons go on.

As usual I’m the first one to arrive, I walk over to my desk and leave my bags and coat on the table, and then I go back into the hallway to get a tea from the tea and coffee machine, after all by this time I was almost freezing. When I got back to the classroom I go straight to the back window where the radiator is as well. I lean onto it to warm up my legs and slowly sip the tea while I watch through the window. There is no one there yet, it’s just an empty court yard, or at least it would have been if my school had one, but it didn’t. They probably thought it wasn’t necessary to build one since our school is practically in the middle of a big park. After a few minutes I change my position, I sit on the floor and put my back to the radiator to warm it up a bit, I stay in that position until the bell rings and the first class starts.

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