The Game Is Set

Chess has been a strategic game that has been passed on universally around the world. The aim of the game is simple. In order to receive victory, you are to put the opposition in check-mate with no way out.

The year is 2050 and is just like any other year for Danna Yang. She is your normal high school student and is aspiring to travel the world. But her world is soon turned upside-down when she is confronted by a particular man who goes by the name of "King". There is a war going on around the world that only a limited amount of people have knowledge on and it looks like Danna Yang has apart in all of it.

The "King" refers to the battle as a simple game of chess, but as Danna Yang soon finds out the extremities are much more complex then she expected. The pieces are not inanimate but in fact people, and the prize is not satisfaction but proclamation of your status.

The stakes are high and it looks like Danna doesn't have much of a choice in it all.


1. Love you

Running past the splayed pieces of rubble and dust, she continued to journey onwards. Every so often the woman would look left and then right before continuing. The smell of burnt rubber and petrol intoxicated the air as the woman continued to shift her way around the battle zone. The scarce amount of material that was draped around her body proved to be nothing more then cover as she began feeling the hot climate cling to her bare skin. The radiation had always been a problem in this part of the city, so the extremities of the environment did not bother her as much as before. The sounds of fire and the odd scream were the only things to break the silence every so often. Slowing down slightly, the woman began to lean on a burnt out car and looked upwards. The buildings that surrounded the scene were nothing more then harsh reminders of the reality that the world had come to. The smashed windows and uprooted fences and roads were all the doing of a “him”.


Quickly regaining focus, the woman quickly looked behind and began moving forward once again. She began to quicken her pace whilst trying to put the thought of being followed at the back of her mind. Right now, the woman was doing something that would give her the sentence of something more worse then death. Oh no. Death would be the easy way out, but “he” wouldn’t allow her or the others the pleasure of leaving easy. So what she was doing now was something that was totally against the rules. Breathing heavily now, the figure began to fasten her pace once again before she heard something.




As soon as she picked up the sound of the sound of two feet clattering on the ground, the woman ran up to a truck and began to crawl underneath it. The woman waited as the footsteps came closer and closer. Holding her mouth with as much strength as this moment would give her, the lady closed her eyes tightly whilst waiting for the worst. As the woman waited for the stranger to walk on, she now heard something else accompanying the footsteps. Crying. Lowering her hands slightly from her mouth, she forced herself to look from the side of the truck. At first there was no one, but as the figure came closer and closer she now saw who it was.


“Danna” the woman whispered in disbelief.

The little girl collapsed to her knees and began crying.

“Mama don’t leave me, I promise I won’t cry anymore” the little girl sobbed.

The woman slowly crawled out from underneath the truck and stood up slowly. The little girl continued crying and rubbing at her face.

“Danna” the woman whispered.

Danna slowly put down her hands and looked towards the woman. She began to slowly smile before rubbing away at her face.

“I wasn’t crying mama, honest” Danna said.

The woman looked down at her daughter and shook her head whilst closing her eyes.

“Go back” the woman said coldly.

The little girls face slowly began frown once again before crying.

Sighing impatiently, the woman walked up to her daughter.

“I’m going on a mission, Danna” the woman cooed.

Danna looked up and bit her lip.

“I’m not angry at you Danna. But I need you to go as quick as you can back to our cell” the lady stated.

“Why?” Danna blubbered.

Sighing slightly, the woman quickly turned her head back towards where she had came from.

“Because you can’t be out here” the woman replied.

“Then why are you here?” Danna asked.

“Because of the mission, remember?” the woman replied.

Danna nodded once and began wiping at her face again. The woman took hold of Danna’s hands and put them to her mouth. Blowing on her small hands softly, Danna began to smile at her mum. After a while, Danna looked down and began to pucker her lip.

“What’s wrong darling?” the woman asked.

Danna looked away.

“They told me to find you” Danna whispered.

The woman slowly let go of Danna’s hands as her eyes widened.

“What?” the woman asked.

“The guards said that daddy was worried about where you went, so they told me to find you” the little girl whispered.

The woman slowly looked up and now saw something moving far in the distance.


They were coming.


The woman quickly looked down at her daughter. She had told herself that after she had escaped that one day, she would come back for Danna; but deep within her heart she knew that was not true. She just wanted a ticket out and it looked like she now had to pay the price. The woman slowly bent down to one knee and smiled sadly.


“Let’s play a game” the woman said.

Danna looked up and perked her head to the side.

“What sort of game?” Danna asked.

“Hide and seek” the woman replied.

Danna began smiling from ear to ear and stood up.

“Who’s in?” Danna asked.

The woman placed her thumb on her chest and turned her head with a smile.

Danna began to quickly rub away the rest of the tears off her face before turning around. The woman took Danna’s hand and turned her back around.

”Love you” the woman cooed.


Danna smiled before replying.


“Love you more”


Danna began running towards the buildings as the guards approached. The woman stood up and began running forward again. The sound of metal clanging and footsteps began to become louder and louder as the distance between the woman and the guards began to shorten. Quickly looking sideways, the woman felt a sense of relief that Danna was now out of sight. Running at full pelt now, the guards were now less then a meter away. The woman stopped abruptly and raised her hands above her head. The guards slowed down. Two of them advanced forward.. The guard on the left kicked her in the legs, whilst the guard on the right grabbed her by the hair. Turning the woman towards the guards now, the woman stared straight at them whilst hanging painfully by the roots of her hair.

“Where do you think you’re going?” the left guard sneered.

The woman shrugged. Just before the guard was about to open his mouth again, the woman spat. The spit sprayed over their faces as the woman began to laugh.

“Do your worst” the woman snarled.

“Our pleasure” the  right guard snarled back.

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