The Hitchhiker {ON HOLD}


1. Coming Soon

The Hitchhiker // Harry Styles AU {COMING SOON} 

"So, where are you going Harry?" my dad asked the young stranger.

"Wherever the road takes me I guess. Maybe out of town, you know, somewhere new." he replied. I had a bad feeling about him; something about him just didn't feel right. I had to push down the feeling though. I promised my dad that I wouldn't be rude to him. There was a period of dead silence between the three of us, and it got ear piercing.

"How about we listen to the radio." I said, and turned it on. It was on the local news station; something my dad always liked to listen to.

"Local authorities are searching for a young man in his 20's with brown, curly hair. He is wearing dark jeans, white t-shirt, and a dingy denim flannel shirt. Police say he is a suspect for murder. His mode of transportation is through hitchhiking. If you see this man, please contact to authorities immediately." the voice said through the speakers.

I could feel the color drain from my face, and my heart seemed to stop. I turned around to look at Harry, who in return, held an evil smile on his face.

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