The Hitchhiker {ON HOLD}


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||The Hitchhiker-1||

I hunted through my dark closet for the pair of old jean shorts that I always wear when I go camping with my dad. They were the perfect pair of shorts to do anything in, and I was determined to find them. I tossed every article of clothing that was in the closet out of the way until I was almost to the floor. I then spotted the familiar material, “There you are!” I said when I found my jeans. “You were hiding from me weren’t you?” I said as I folded them up and placed them in my suitcase. That suitcase was finally filled up, so I zipped it up and brought it to my door.

I sighed loudly and placed both my hands on my hips, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear in the process. I turned towards my closet to look at the mess I made with all my clothes. I noticed something in the pile of clothes in front of my closet. It was Dylan’s hoodie; another thing I thought I lost. He’s going to be so happy that I found it. I smiled at the thought of him being happy, smiling like the goofball he is.

My phone started ringing, and I knew exactly who it was just by the ringtone. I picked up my phone, and looked at the screen to see a picture of me and my weird, but loving boyfriend. Underneath the picture was the name Dylan. I smiled and answered my phone.

“Hello.” I sing-songed.

“Hey beautiful,” Dylan said, making me smile.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked him as I sat down on my bed.

I heard him sigh through the phone, “Nothing much, just missing you.” He said and I blushed hard, smiling like a mad man. “I have a quick question.” He said before letting the silence between us go on for too long.

“Yeah? What’s that?” I asked.

“Are you still at home or did you leave already?” he asked.

“I’m still home. We’re going to leave soon though. Did you want to come see me before I left?” I asked, smiling to myself.

He laughed, “Actually I did. That’s why I called.” He said.

I laughed along with him, “Wow, I know you like a book.” I said.

“You’re the only one that does.” He said, and I could sense his smile through the phone. “Anyway, I just wanted to see you before you left because you’re going to be gone for a while.” He said and I rolled my eyes, even though he couldn’t see it.

I laughed, “Dylan, it’s only for the weekend. You know my dad and I do this every year.”

He laughed again, “Yeah, I know.”

“I think you’ll survive for a weekend without me.” I said.

Dylan sighed, “Yeah, hopefully. Well, I’m going to start heading over to your house. See you in a little bit. I love you!”

“Love you too!” I said and we both hung up the phone. I tossed my phone back on my bed and just sat there for a moment. “This boy is going to be the death of me one day.” I said shaking my head. I eventually hopped up off my bed, and continued packing some other necessities for the annual father-daughter camping trip that we take the weekend before school starts up again. After this weekend, I’ll be in college. That’s a scary thought, yet very exciting!

I packed my bathing suit, a few towels, my tooth brush, tooth paste, and deodorant. I closed that suitcase and placed it in front of my door next to the other one. I scanned my room, making sure I got everything I needed. I walked over to my vanity and grabbed a hair tie to pull my long, dark hair up into a messy bun.

“Alison, hurry up! We have to get going if we want to make it there before sunset!” my dad yelled to me. I grabbed both my suitcases and scurried out of my room.


I ran out to the car and threw my bags in, “All set dad!” I yelled back to my dad, who was probably still inside talking to my mom. Before I could walk back inside, I noticed a silver car pull into my driveway. I smiled and made my way towards the car, watching as Dylan got out of the car and walked towards me. A smile played at his lips when his eyes landed on me, making me smile in return.


“Hey, Ali.” He smiled.

“Hey.” I said and wrapped my arms around his waist, resting my head against his chest. I inhaled his scent, remembering how much I loved the way he smelled.

He sighed and let me go, “You’re going to be gone for so long. What am I supposed to do with myself?” he asked and I rolled my eyes at him.

“It’s three days. You’ll be fine.” I said and he smirked at me.

“Hey, we could have a quick one before you leave.” He said with that devilish smirk of his on his face. I swatted his chest playfully, before turning around to make sure my parents weren’t around to hear what he said.

“No, you can stick to your left hand shame for the next three days.” I said, smiling. He rolled his eyes and smiled. He wrapped his arms around me again, kissing me as he did so. His kissed moved down to the sweet spot on my neck. He was teasing me before I left? He’ll have to do a lot better than that then, because I’m not giving in.

I heard someone clear their throat behind us, and we immediately stopped and turned around to see my dad standing there. My face grew a deep shade of red; I tried to hide it by looking down at my feet.

“Hello, sir.” Dylan said. His face was as red as mine, but he didn’t try to hide it.

“Dylan,” he said, then turned towards me. “You ready to go?” he asked.

I looked up at my dad, “Yeah, I was just going to give Dylan a present that’s in my bedroom. It’ll take two seconds.” I said, and his eyes widened.

“Excuse me? You are not giving Dylan a “present” in your bedroom young lady.” He said harshly, drawing air quotes around present.

I laughed, “No, dad that’s not what I meant. I found something in my room and wanted to give it to him.” I said.

He sighed and rolled his eyes, “Okay, hurry up though. Make sure you say goodbye to your mother too while you’re in there.”

“I will.” I said, grabbing Dylan’s hand, leading him inside and up to my room.

I walked over to my bed and grabbed his hoodie, “I found it!”

He smiled wide, “Where was it?”

“In my closet,” I said and handed it to him, but he didn’t take it. “You don’t want it?” I asked.

He shook his head, “No, bring it with you. I’m sure it’s cold at night, so I want you to stay warm.” He said and smiled.

I smiled, “Thank you.” I hugged and kissed him. I went to leave my room, but Dylan grabbed my hand before we could leave.

“Your parents don’t know that we have sex?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

“No, but I think they know now,” I said and smiled. “It’s hard to keep that a secret when you come and make out with me like that in public.” I said.

“Hey, you didn’t stop me. Besides, you seemed to really like it.” He said and smirked. I swatted his chest again playfully, and left the room with him not too far behind.

When we went back outside, I noticed my parents standing outside talking. My dad was standing there talking to my mom’s big belly.

“Now, don’t you come out until I come home young man,” I heard him say. He turned his attention to Dylan and I, “Ready now?” he asked.

“Yup. Bye mom, I love you.” I said giving my mom a hug and kiss goodbye.

“Bye sweetheart. I love you too.” She said, and I started talking to her stomach too.

“Listen to dad, because I want to be home too before you get here.” I said and smiled. My mom laughed at me and gave me one more hug.

“I hope he listens.” She laughed. I turned to give Dylan to give him one more hug and kiss goodbye before heading to the car. My dad and I hopped in, buckling up our seat belts. I rolled down the window to wave goodbye to my mom and boyfriend. Soon enough, they were out of sight and my dad and I were on our way to have a great camping trip.




**So what did you think??? I feel like the ending was rushed, but I can fix that. Let me know what you thought. Leave a comment!! Vote and share and all that great stuff :D Love you guys!!! ♥**

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