Candice and her family have to move to another state,California.That means new house,new school,new environment,new friends...
Matthew is the neighborhood hottie(in school,too). Then the "new girl" across the street comes along.The thing is...Matthew has a girlfriend,Janet the "queen"...
Will Matthew fall in love with Candice?
If they will Janet react?
How will this change their lives????
Read this to find out!!


9. Chapter 8

Matthew's POV (FINALLY!)

I was standing in front of my house,admiring the sunset. I looked at the house across the street,I heard that a new family moved in there,I love meeting new people! Then a car pulled up,two girls came out,I couldn't see their faces,I could see the back of their heads. The girl with the dirty blonde hair went inside,the girl with the black hair stayed outside,she sat on a chair on her porch and just looked around. I was a little taken back about how beautiful she was,her black hair went to her black,and she had these sky blue eyes,she looked like an angel,innocent.Matthew what are you saying!? You have a girlfriend...I should start a conversation with her.

"Hey! Are you new?" The girl looked in my direction,she stood up and walked closer to me.

"Yeah..." She said,her voice was soft,almost angelic. It made me smile,she gave me a smile in return.

"My name is Matthew..." I told her. She nodded,giving me another smile.

"I'm Candice" she said.

"So...where'd you come from?" I asked Candice.

"Alabama" she put her hands behind her back. I smiled at her shyness,Candice smiled too.

"Hey,do you go to Lincoln High?" I asked.

"Yeah..." She replied.


'Crap,my mom is calling me...' I turned around and stepped onto my porch,I turned around.

"Well,see you Monday...Candice" I said,I ran inside,slamming the door behind me.

"Honey,don't slam the door..." Mom said. Putting the last plate in the table.

" what did you need?" I asked,mom gave me a warm smile.

"Dinner" she said. I nodded.

"DINNER!!" Mom yelled,immediately,I could hear footsteps running towards the stairs. My dad,little brother,and my sister came running down the steps,my dad tripping a few times. We all sat at the table as mom pit the food on the table. Spaghetti,gaelic bread,and salad,we all began to eat.

"So Matthew..who was the girl you were talking to outside?" My sister,Ruby asked,she was the same age as me. The my little brother's head popped up,his name was Jonathan,he was in fifth grade.

"Ooh,is she your new girlfriend?" He said,his mouth full of noodles and garlic bread.

"No...I already have one... Janet,Candice is the new girl across the street.." I said raising my fork to het a bit of my salad.

"Oh! Maybe we can invite them for dinner one day!" My mom says. I sigh,she has an obsession with meeting people... It's kinda getting weird. I ate my last bite of my garlic bread and I stood up,withy plate and utensils in my hand,I walked into the kitchen,placing the things in the sink. I went upstairs to hop int the shower.


I went in my room,closing the door behind me,I jumped onto my bed and got out my notebook,I really like to write music. I got the last lyric to my song down and I picked up my guitar. I played a few notes,writing each one that sounded good,erasing and making out the ones that didn't. I was writing a song for my girlfriend,Janet,ever since she found out that I wrote music,she's been begging for a song about her. I didn't want to because I knew that once I gave it to her,she wouldn't say 'thank you' or' I love it!' Or even give me a peck on the cheek,she would go around bragging that we're the hottest couple,that's probably what she uses me for,because of my looks. Janet,is 'The School Queen'. She isn't even a princess,she isn't classy,she dresses for the guys that she dated before me...She bullies nice people just because they're 'nerds' or 'not as cool as her' or just for fun. I shook my head at the slightest thought of her. Then Candice's face popped into my head. I shook my head.

"NO!" I told myself,I just met her,she could be a serial killer! I sighed,mentally slapping myself. I laid down,and I slowly fell asleep.

A/N this is what Matthew looks like:

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