Candice and her family have to move to another state,California.That means new house,new school,new environment,new friends...
Matthew is the neighborhood hottie(in school,too). Then the "new girl" across the street comes along.The thing is...Matthew has a girlfriend,Janet the "queen"...
Will Matthew fall in love with Candice?
If they will Janet react?
How will this change their lives????
Read this to find out!!


22. Chapter 20

Candice's POV

Matthew drove to the "secret" place that was going to be our place for the date tonight. The light turned yellow,Matthew slowed down,the the light turned red. Matthew stopped and he turned to look at me.

"I love you" he says,I giggle.

"I love you too" I say. The light turns green and Matthew starts to drive. We drive past a Stop sign,the. Suddenly I notice a car drive towards us quickly.

"Oh my god MATTHEW!" Then, we were going in circles,suddenly the car flipped and I hit my head on something. I felt the pain in my head as my eyelids got heavier...


Matthew's POV

I woke up in a hospital bed,I looked around I had a cast on my arm. Suddenly Katie and Alice walk in,their eyes were red and full of tears,then I remembered....Candice. I shook in fear at the thought of the one I love being dead.

"C'mon....let's get you home..." Alice chokes out.

"What about Candice!?" I ask.

"I she dead?" I ask.

"No...she's in a coma"

"WHAT?" I yell. Alice and Katie cry some more. Soon,we are heading home,but I was worried about the Candice. It was just the fact that when Candice wakes up,she will either wake up without her memory or....she won't wake up at all...


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