Candice and her family have to move to another state,California.That means new house,new school,new environment,new friends...
Matthew is the neighborhood hottie(in school,too). Then the "new girl" across the street comes along.The thing is...Matthew has a girlfriend,Janet the "queen"...
Will Matthew fall in love with Candice?
If they will Janet react?
How will this change their lives????
Read this to find out!!


17. Chapter 15

Matthew's POV

Candice told me what happened. I shook my head,hugging her again. I looked down at her,I didn't think that it was just her mom.

"Candice?" Candice looked up,she sniffed.


"Is there something else?" Candice shook her head,pushing hair behind her ear. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. Candice sighed.

"I need to get in the shower..." I nod,I point across the hall,Candice nods,she picks up her bag and brings it to the bathroom with her. I smiled,I walked over to my bed and sat on it,grabbing the remote and turning on the TV,I flicked through the channels. Once I thought that nothing was on I turned off the TV,I decided to play my guitar. I played two songs before Candice walked in,she smiled at me and sat next to me. I looked at her,still playing. I stared into her beautiful,blue eyes until I finished the song. Candice smiled at me,she leaned in,closing her eyes,until her soft,sweet lips touched mine. I smiled into the kiss,holding Candice's cheek in my hand,Candice ran her small hands through my hair,we pulled away for air. Candice giggled,I gave her a confused look.

"What?" I asked. Candice looked down at her feet,she blushed.

"I love you so much! I didn't know how to express it!" Candice giggled some more,I chuckled at her high pitched giggles.

Candice's POV

"I'm bored..." I say,we were cuddling (again) on Matthew's bed. Matthew shuffled a little,soon the weight of his body left the bed. I sat up,he was looking through the movies that he had.

"This one?" Matthew asked,holding up 'Jason Vs. Freddy' I raised my eyebrow but I nodded. Matthew chuckled as he put the movie in the DVD player, I crossed my arms.

"What?" Matthew laugh got louder,his smile got wider,he started the movie.


"Are you sure that you can handle this movie?" Matthew teased,he sat on the bed next to me.

"It's not scary!" I whined. Matthew put his hands up in defense,chuckling. I rolled my eyes and we sat back and watched the movie.

*Candice's Dream*

I was walking into the "place" to meet Matthew after school has ended. I looked down at my feet,barefoot.

"What?" I said to myself. In my dreams,I know that I'm in a dream and that I have weird dreams,sometimes I even predict how I'll wake up during a dream. I sighed and kept walking,gravel under my feet,poking the skin just slightly. I winced as I stepped on something. I looked down,just a larger rock,It had a little bit of blood on the end,I picked it up,I examined it,the rock was grey,rough,I turned it over again,in a single,bold,black letter,was 'J'. I screamed dropping the rock,it made a clunking noise once it made contact with the gravel. I ran,I ran until what was under my feet was soft,and damp,grass. I look up,suddenly it starts to rain,thunder and lighting comes along. I throw my hands in the air in frustration.

"REALLY!?" I yell. I kept running,soon,I got to the trees. I walked into them,I regretted it,I just knew that something bad was going to happen,I shivered at the thought of that rock.

"Candice?" I heard. I looked up from the ground.

"Matthew!!" I smiled and ran towards him. Matthew grew a disgusted face as I ran closer to him,I hugged him anyway. Matthew pushed me off of him,I landed on the ground.

"What?" I said to myself. Matthew smirked and Jennifer emerged behind him,she gave me an evil glare,smirking. She turned Matthew around,joining her red lips with Matthew's,she pulled away.

"I guess that I won!" Jennifer says,evil and the joy of victory in her voice. I gasped,I quickly stood up, I turned around and began to run,I escaped the trees,I knew that I went forwards then I'll just be back at the school,so I ran left. I ran,and I ran,and I ran. I groaned in frustration,stopping,my hot breath was heavy,the trees didn't stop,it was like a longways forest. I pit my hand to my head.

"Keep going.Keep going!" I tried to encourage myself,I kept running,I made to a rad after what felt like an hour of painful running,the concrete felt cold,wet on my feet.

"Hey UGLY!" I turned around,the sound of Jennifer's voice collided with the sound of thunder.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!" I yelled. Jennifer smirked,her face lit up with the help of lighting. I tried to run and I slipped,I couldn't get up,I sighed,tears of defeat streaming down my face. The headlights of the car got closer and closer...

*End Of Dream*

"Candice!!!" Matthew yells,shaking me. I sat up,my eyes popping open,sweat beads on my forehead,I roughly wiped them away. I looked around me,I was still dark,I looked at the clock. 1:30 AM.

'Oh CMON!!' I looked at Matthew.

"Why are you waking me up at one in the morning!?" I asked.

"You were screaming in your sleep,nightmare?" Matthew asked,I nodded. I sighed,laying back again,I closed my eyes,trying to go to sleep.



I groaned,sitting up,my eyes still closed. I looked beside me,I lightly shook Matthew,his eyes fluttered open.

"Wha?" Matthew says.

"There's a sound coming from downstairs" I say. Matthew rolls back over,mumbling something under his breath and...snoring... I groan in frustration and stand up. I walk across the room,shuffling on the soft carpet,trying my best to be silent. I got outside into the hall and I walked down the steps,I went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. I held it with two hands,I held it tight,I was aftaid of a buglar or a murderer in our.. I mean Matthew's house. I heard a sound come from the living room,feet. I saw the figure of the person,it stood up. I crouched down quickly,my grip on the knife getting tighter. I poked my head above the counter,nothing. I stood up,I looked around,nothing. I blinked slowly,taking a step towards the door of the kitchen. I slowly opened it,I winced as it made a slow creaking noise as I pushed it open,I looked left and right,I stepped into the dining room.

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