Candice and her family have to move to another state,California.That means new house,new school,new environment,new friends...
Matthew is the neighborhood hottie(in school,too). Then the "new girl" across the street comes along.The thing is...Matthew has a girlfriend,Janet the "queen"...
Will Matthew fall in love with Candice?
If they will Janet react?
How will this change their lives????
Read this to find out!!


14. Chapter 12

Candice's POV

I happily walked down the hall once it was time for lunch. I grabbed my lunchbox out of my locker and I headed for the lunchroom. I looked around for Alice. I saw her at a table next to the window,I walked towards her.

"Hey" I said,putting my lunchbox down,my phone in my hand. I sat down across from Alice.

"Hey" Alice said. She had am mouth full of cafeteria tacos and corn,I cringed.

"Dude,how can you eat that!?" I asked. Alice chewed a little slower,she held a finger up and swallowed.

"Dude,it's tacos!" Alice mocked my voice. I shot a playful glare at her and she laughed.

"You do know that I can't take you seriously right?"


"So what did you and Matthew talk about last night!"

"Well,we talked about Janet,the football game tomorrow,uh us playing music..."

"Wait...Janet?" I slowly nodded.

"He was talking about how she uses him and how she doesn't listen to him...."

"Dude! Stating bad facts!? She.Is.Going.To.Get.DUMPED!" We both laughed.

"I know!" I suddenly thought about Sam...where is she? I looked around the lunchroom. She was,of course,sitting with Janet and her other friends. I sighed.

"Hey are you okay?" I nodded,picking up a strawberry,and putting in mouth. My phone buzzed,we both jumped.

Matthew: Meet me after school today :)

"What is it?"

"Matthew wants me to meet him after school today!"

"Oh la la!"

"Oh! Shut up!" I said,we both giggled. I looked behind me,spotting Matthew. Matthew smiled and gave me a wink. I did the same in response,I still blushed though.

Matthew: Y do u blush so easily?

Candice: T-T


I smiled at his text and looked at him again,he was looking at his phone with a big smile on his face,he looked up at me I waved,he waved back.


Soon school was over, I left my backpack since we didn't have any homework,but I did grad my lunchbox. I walked outside,I looked around. There stood Matthew,standing by a tree,looking for me. I tapped his shoulder,he turned around.

"Hey ..."


"C'mon,I have the perfect place!" Matthew grabbed my hand and we walked. Soon,we stopped in front of a bunch of trees. I looked down,our hands were still attached,I blushed. Matthew noticed too,he smiled at me,but he slightly blushed,too. We walked a little more,into the trees. I gasped at the beauty, there was a pair of swings,a tiny slide,a bench and a little pond.

" This used to be a little park,but once people ignored it,it became...this,it's my thinking spot a chance to be alone and clear my mind..." Matthew's grip on my hand got a little tighter.

"It can be our spot,everything that happens here,stays here..." I blushed,Matthew set his guitar down,he went towards the swings. I followed him and sat on the one next to him. I kicked my feet,I felt the wind that I was making hit my face once I went forward and my back every time I went backwards. I stopped and looked at Matthew. He looked at me,he gave me his beautiful smile that never failed to make me smile.

"Can you play something for me...." I asked,Matthew stopped swinging,he smiled and picked up his guitar,we walked towards the bench. He strung a few string of his guitar, he hummed a few words,it was still soothing. I sighed. Matthew put his guitar down and we just stared into each other eyes. He leaned in,closing his eyes as he got closer,I did the same. Then,his lips touched mine. They were soft,and warm...Matthew is my first kiss. We pulled away for a breath and started again. I pulled away and shook my head.

"What?" Matthew said,his hand on my cheek,his thumb caressing it.

"What about Janet?"

"I don't love her ,she doesn't love me..."

"What if she finds out..."

"She won't but if she does...I'll protect you from her... I've seen her beat some people pretty bad..."

"Matthew..." He put his thumb over my lips,he traced them, I shivered from the feel of his light touch. He kissed me again,more passionate. He pulled away.

"I love you too..." Matthew smiled and we hugged.

"C'mon it's 5:30,we should get going" Matthew nodded and we both headed home.


"I'll call you..." Matthew says. I nod and go inside. I go inside squealing and smiling.

"Candice where were you!" My mom pauses.

"Is it a boy?" I nod.

"Mom he's perfect,his name is Matthew,he plays the guitar,he's so nice and smart and funny,he's...perfect!" My mom smiles at me and pats my back.

"Just be careful okay?" I nod.

"Eat your dinner okay?" I nod.


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