Candice and her family have to move to another state,California.That means new house,new school,new environment,new friends...
Matthew is the neighborhood hottie(in school,too). Then the "new girl" across the street comes along.The thing is...Matthew has a girlfriend,Janet the "queen"...
Will Matthew fall in love with Candice?
If they will Janet react?
How will this change their lives????
Read this to find out!!


13. Chapter 11

Candice's POV

I finished my dinner,and headed upstairs,getting in the shower. I got in the shower,the water was hot,I jumped a little,but I was still smiling.

"HE GAVE ME HIS NUMBER!!!" I squealed. I quickly bathed,getting out. I put on a purple pajama tank top and black sweat pants,I went to my room,I got started on my homework.


I got finished with my homework,I decided to talk to Sam while Alice was in the shower.

"Hey!" Sam said once I opened the door. I crossed my arms.


"You totally left me alone today...I met Alice though..." I said.

"Sorry,I'm finally popular!" I sighed,this argument could last for hours,I gave up.

"Ok...any news...?"

"YES!" I looked at her waiting.


"The girls and I are going out shopping tonight,will you cover?" I sighed and nodded.

"Thank you!" I left the room and went back to mine.

"Hey.." I said. Alice looked up at me from her homework.

"Hey!" She said,she wrote one more thing and put her things up. She sat on my bed.


"Matthew gave me his number and I gave him mine!" I squealed.

"Oh my god really!" Alice said. I nod.

"He's going to call me late tonight!" We both squealed together.

"I thought you hated him? Why are you happy?"

"I'm happy for you,we're technically best friends now..." I smiled.

"Oh! Let's watch a movie!" I said.Alice nodded and went to Netflix on my TV and we watched a bunch of movies.



I turned down the TV,Matthew was calling me I looked over at Alice she was asleep. I answered it.

"Hey...." I said.

"Hey,Candice" Matthew says,his voice warm and husky on the phone,I blushed.

"I have a question..."


"I noticed you playing the guitar,once I got home..."

"Oh yeah,I play a little..."

"I do too,I play acoustic,and electric,I practiced drums a little,I have an old set here..."


"Yeah! Could you play something for me sometime..if that's okay with you..."

"I would love to..." I smiled to myself. We had a long conversation,I told him about my life in Alabama he told me about his friends and how they are really nice,he told me about Janet and his next football game.

"Hey! Are you going to the football game?"

"Well now I am, I could cheer you on!"

"Thanks,it's tomorrow"

"I'll be there!"

"Ok-" Matthew let out a yawn. "I should get my three hours of sleep,goodnight"

"Night" I said and I hung up. I laid back and smiled to myself. I fell asleep thinking about Matthew.


I turned off my alarm clock,I yawned,I was so tired from talking to Matthew last night. My phone vibrated,I pocked it up,it was a text.

Matthew: Morning Candi. I smiled to myself I texted him back.

Candice: It's a good morning now.Candi? I put my phone down and I stood up I went through my closet,pulling my outfit out.


Hey what can I say? Matthew brings out my confidence. I went to the bathroom,bringing my phone in. My phone vibrated.

Matthew: U no... Short for Candice it now

I brushed my teeth,brushed my hair,and sprayed perfume.

"Ready!" I said to myself. I went downstairs,grabbed an apple and I waited outside.

Candice: Come Outisde!

A few minuted later,Matthew came out.

"Hey!" He yawned. I yawned,we laughed.

"You kept me up all night" I said,giggling.

"More like you kept me up!" He laughed.

"Come over here!" I said. Matthew ran across the street ,he hugged me and spin me in a circle.

"So... "

"So..." We laughed again,I've never felt this happy. I looked down the street,my ride was here.

"Oh! See you later!" I said. Matthew smiled and he started to walk to school.

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