Candice and her family have to move to another state,California.That means new house,new school,new environment,new friends...
Matthew is the neighborhood hottie(in school,too). Then the "new girl" across the street comes along.The thing is...Matthew has a girlfriend,Janet the "queen"...
Will Matthew fall in love with Candice?
If they will Janet react?
How will this change their lives????
Read this to find out!!


1. Chapter 1

Candice's POV


I hit my alarm clock with my hand.

"Ugh!" I groaned,sitting up. I slipped on my bunny slippers,shuffling towards my closet. I went through my clothes slowly,trying to remember the things that I already wore last week,or just a few days ago. I found a white t-shirt with a black rose on it. I took it out,throwing it on my bed. I went through my pants and took out a red pair of skinny jeans. I went back to my bed,I put on deodorant before putting on my shirt. I put on my shirt,I picked up my pants,putting them on.I walked to the other side of my bed. I opened the top drawer,


"Come in!!" I yelled,still on the floor. I heard the door open,I looked up. Mom was standing there,her arms crossed.

"Hurry up,Candice,breakfast is ready" mom said. I nodded,giving her a thumbs up. Mom nodded, walking out and closing the door behind her. My body was halfway under the bed,when I felt shoelaces.I pulled my shoes out,and I put them on. I stood up, walking towards my desk to get my brush. I brushed my hair,struggling with the many tangles in my hair. I finally finished my hair. I stood up again to get my make-up and perfume. I put on a bit of lipgloss,and I sprayed raspberry scented perfume into the air,and I walked through it. I stood in front of my full length mirror. I sighed. My hair was long and black,pretty plain if you ask me. I had these blue eyes,I didn't know what type. In my opinion, I looked as plain as a dull pencil. I sighed,grabbing my bag and going downstairs. I ate,like,what? Five pieces of bacon, and I walked outside.

"Candice,c'mon it's winter! Get your coat!" My dad scolded behind me. I looked to my side,grabbing my puffy coat off of the coat rack. I put my bag down so I could put on my coat. Once I had my coat on I grabbed my bag,went outside,and I closed the door behind me.

"CANDICE!!!" I could already tell that it was my BFF,Sam. Now Sam,was beautiful. She had shiny,dirty blonde hair. She had beautiful sea green eyes,and the perfect body,she could get any guy. Plus,she was wearing this:

"Hey,Sam" I said,waving.

"Ready for another day of school!?" She chirped. I sighed,looked at the ground,and shrugged. The main reason why I don't want to go to school is because of Jennifer, and her two other friends,Olivia,and Malinda. They are the queen bees of Moore High. They've bullied me since freshman year. I can't wait until the end of the year,when we graduate. Maybe I will never have to see her EVER again after graduation.

"Earth,to Candice!!!" Sam said,waving her hand in front of my face,snapping me out of my thoughts.


"Don't let that b**** get you down!" Sam said. I laughed at her sudden choice of words. I just nodded,but on the inside,I was shaking my head.


We finally arrived at school,despite on how long the walk seemed to be we,were early. I took a breath in,I held it,taking a few more steps. Then a felt something slobbery on my cheek.

"Hey babe" It was my "boyfriend",Brandon. 'Why the quotes around 'boyfriend'?' You ask,well I don't know if I love him or not... I mean... He's the school player,and he chose me. Plus I caught him kissing another girl,he doesn't know that I know because I never said anything. He's a cheater,but he won't let me leave. I sighed thinking about the time he slapped me.

"What's wrong?" Brandon asked me,I shook it off.


"Hey! Have you been ignoring my calls for the past week??" Brandon asked. My mind just froze when he asked that.

'Oh no!! I was hoping he would ignore that!!!'

"I was...uh.... Grounded?" I said,though it sounded like a question. Brandon stared at me for a few seconds. He just nodded and we kept walking.

"Brandon! Over here!" One of his friends yelled. They threw a football at him.He caught it,and ran over to them. I let out a long,hot breath.I watched as it came out of my mouth and into the cold,like I was smoking. I smiled,amusing myself. I walked inside,ready to start school.

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