Band love

Do these two kids really have true love? It all starts in band. That's how he noticed her.


5. What leads to love?

Fellicia's POV

Being in band comes with long bus rides sometimes. Of course, I sat next to Dajin. We talked a lot. He was nice and he would show me the music he likes. I know that he had become an important person in my life.

I remember the day we marched in a parade and there was a festival right after it. I gave Dajin a ride home and asked him if he was going to the festival. He said he was and I was excited. I arrived at the festival and met up with Cody. Dajin was working at one of the booths. Cody kept trying to get me to dance to polka music. I was too nervous in front of people. Dajin saw that I didn't want to go out there with him and he tried to help me, but he couldn't. Turns out when Cody said he'd teach me to polka, he couldn't do it either. I wish that I could have just talked to Dajin.

At some point, we had our first pep rally. I was so excited to play in front of people. I loved being a band nerd. We played, we had fun, and we smiled. Afterwards, I rode the bus back to the band hall to put my instrument up and wait for my parents to pick me up. That's when I checked my phone.

From Cody: Hey I don't think this is going to work. You deserve better.

I instantly hit the call button to call him. I wondered where this was coming from.

"Hello?" He acted like nothing just happened.

"Hey, what is this all about?" I asked angrily.

He paused before saying, " It's not you. It's me. You deserve better. Maybe we can be friends."

That's when I hung up. I was furious. Not only did he break up with me over the phone, but he said the stupidest words you could possibly say to your girlfriend. I broke down crying outside the band hall. Yea, he was two years younger than me, but I thought he really cared. I found out later that he cheated on me hours before he broke up with me.

When I came back to school the next day, Dajin asked me what was wrong. I told him what Cody had done to me. When he responded, it was strangely comforting.

There were football games to ride to and a usual, I sat next to Dajin. I told him about my past two relationships and he told me he had never had a girlfriend. He told me stories of his crushes and why he was scared to be bold. (Sorry I can't tell that story. I promised I wouldn't.)

"Sometimes it's better to stay friends. So you don't ruin that friendship." He said to me.

I smiled and said, "But other times, being more than friends is better."

He nodded and gave me a look I didn't quite understand at that moment. We went on  talking until we got to the football game. One of the games, I found out that I needed to be careful when standing in front of him He ended up accidently whacking me in the head with his mellaphone.


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