Band love

Do these two kids really have true love? It all starts in band. That's how he noticed her.


2. The lock-in

Fellicia's POV

I started packing for the lock-in. I loved this part of band camp. I packed my clothes, Funyuns, and rootbeer. Once I was done, I nagged my mom till she would take me.

I got to the lock-in and found my friends playing video games as usual. I was friends with nerds. I sat down and watched them play. Then my phone rang.

"Hello?" I say into the phone.

"Hey what's up?" I hear Cody, my current boyfriend say.

I knew I was here for the lock-in, but I didn't want to be rude and just hang up. I talked to him till my phone was going to die. I noticed that someone had joined my group of friends. I turned to see that it was Dajin.

I smiled and said,"You're here."

He smiled back at me. I didn't notice, that all that night, he would be hanging out with my friends. We played a couple games. I started walking in the hallways with Dajin.

"Are you going to dance later with us?" I asked him.

He smiled and said, "If I'm even more tired and loopy, then yes."

Cody called me again later just as he would the rest of the night. Dajin had a look in his eyes I didn't understand. He still hung out with me and my friends throughout the night.

When it came time to dance, he was reluctant. I finally went out there on my own and danced and he later joined. It was so much fun to dance and laugh. Dajin was interesting.

Dajin's POV

I don't know what made me go out there and dance with her. I just did it. It was heartbreaking when I found out she was dating Cody. I felt scared for her, but I decided to think about that moment with her. I was happy.

There was a reason I followed her and her friends around. I just wanted to be close to her. She seemed ok with it. Maybe we can at least be good friends.

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