Band love

Do these two kids really have true love? It all starts in band. That's how he noticed her.


4. First Day of School

Fellicia's POV

We went through the rest of band camp with no special events. I had met up with Cody during the summer every now and then. When it came to the first day of school, I was excited. What will this new school year bring, I thought to myself. I went through my classes and met my teachers.

When I got to my seventh period class, I noticed I was surrounded by mostly freshmen. In my Geometry class,  I didn't really know who to sit by. Then I saw him. Dajin was sitting by two of his friends. I decided to sit by him.

"Hi." I smiled and sat next to him.

He turned to me and started talking to me. I wasn't expecting that. After seventh period, I went to the success teacher I had last year. Turns out, he had that class with me too. This time I sat with my friends.

I went on like that for a while. I always sat with Dajin in Geometry and sometimes in success. It was nice talking to him. He was a good friend. I felt like I could tell him anything, but I wasn't ready to tell him everything yet.

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