The Wild

The wind whistled in my ear and blew through my soul, while the gnarled branches of the trees almost like witches fingers were pointing. The full moon was clearly visible on the black horizon, all stood still, but one. 'Pointing to where?' I thought. Then I remembered I had no chance of finding out unless I went, went into the wild, but that's not a problem, as most things in the wild are like that. What is that one thing?
Read on to find out.......


2. Note (Have to Read)

Your characters' age has to be between 16-18 and also please don't give your character names (which are really 'unusual') from other books like: Hermione, because this name is very uncommon. In the chapter: 'Characters' there is one that says: 'Type:' this means what your character is eg: Vampire, Werewolf, Shape Shifter etc. It doesn't have to be one of these, but it has to be something that is 'ab-human, extraordinary or supernatural.                          If you have joined my book then: 'Thank you, very much!'

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