I Have Always Loved You

My letters to my boyfriend. Inspired by R.D.M. Goldlight and SMD1120.


3. The End

   So today I decided to break up with you. It hurts that I had my friend tell you instead of me. I just couldn't face the fact of hurting you. I wanted to break up because your nose was always in your phone, when you were with Josh you would make sick jokes, and you wouldn't let go of that old inside joke which was really sick. I just want to be friends if you are always going to be like this. My friend told me that you felt the same way. I understood that.

   When I was walking with my friends to lunch, you just so happened to be right in front of me with your friend. One of my friends told me that you agreed that I could have been a better girlfriend. I wanted to say "Then why did you even date me?" But, I just told me friends that I could care less of what you said. Do you really feel this way? Do you really think that I could be better?   

   I was already crushing on two guys before we broke up, I knew that this was wrong but they were so nice to me. I couldn't help it.

   I just want to end these letters by saying this: I hope that you will have an amazing life, even if it isn't with me. As long as you are happy, I am happy.

    And I want you to know this: I will always love you no matter what......

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