Partners with Mr.BADBOY

I'm Francesca Hill. Today's the day I'm attending BaidenBridge College with my best friend Viloletta and getting away from my family. At last !

I thought everything was going to be perfect , but that's until I got re-assigned a NEW English , science , drama , P.E and Photography partner ... And he would like to be known as



2. chapter two


I was walking down the familiar hallways while my mind kept on drifting off towards that girl.

She is so damn fine, I just wanna grab her, rip off her clothes and-

"NIALL !!" I turned around and saw Liam and Harry running after me.

"Hey mate ! Where's Louis and Zayn ?"

I shrugged, leaving my mind to wonder again.

"Mate, are you ok ? You seem abit .. Upset ?" Liam stated.

"Oh, um, no, I was just wondering if Louis' still mad at me for yelling at him yesterday for no apparent reason." I lied.

Harry sighed while placing his hand on my shoulder, while squeezing it gently.

"Niall, his Louis ! He'll come around, just give him sometime." Harry smiled at me.

I gave him a glare, making him release his grasp. "So, where you heading to ?" Liam changed the subject.

"Oh, ya know, class ?" I stated in a no-duh-tone.

"Oh,um,ok. We'll, uh, catch ya later..." Harry mumbled while scratching the bag of his neck.

I shrugged them off and made my way to science.

~~~At the end of Science~~~

I got up and lazily shoved my books in my back pack.

"Mr.Horan and Ms.Hill...can I speak to you guys for a sec?"I shrugged,not really caring and took a seat in my desk.

Once all the students scurried off, Mrs.Tisdale payed her attention to me.

"Mr.Horan, Can you come to my desk please." I ignored her and decided to play Clash of Clans on my IPhone.

"Mr.Horan !" I started whistling to a random tune which I have never heard before.

She finally gave up in defeat and let out a deep sigh, "Just go sit down Ms.Hill." A random girl shrugged and took her seat a row away from me.

Mrs.Tisdale pushed her glasses to the bridge of her nose with the help of her old, wrinkly pointy finger, "Ms.Hill I read you're high school record and noticed you were a straight A student in nearly everyone of you're subjects !" I locked my phone and jammed it in my pocket.

"Yup ! I am, and don't forget the honor roll !" Mrs.Tisdale gasped.

"Oh how lovely !!"she fan girled. Seriously ? Who fan girls over work !?

I yawned loudly and obnoxiously.

"Mr.Horan..." Mrs.Tisdale walked towards me and gave me one of her icy glares.

"Because of you're lack in work I am assigning you a new lab partner." She smirked.

I stood up from my desk as fast as you could say Pie.

"What ! Why ! Me and my lab partner are perfectly fine !"She gave me a 'shut up' look.

"As from now on, You two are gonna be lab partners. End of discussion." She walked around her desk and grabbed her stuff.

I looked over to 'Ms.Hill' and noticed it was that girl I met yesterday.

I smirked, "Fine by me." Mrs.Tisdale and Ms.Hill gave me a look.

"What ?" I shrugged and picked up my bag.

"I said, fine by me." Mrs.Tisdale looked at me with shock and that other girl looked at me with confusion.

"Oh, wow, it's great to hear that...Mr.Horan." She smiled, showing her fake bottom teeth and top gums.

"Can I go now ?" She just stared at me.

"I'll take that as a yes then..." I quickly-yet awesomely- sped walked to the classroom door and left.

"Niall !" A smirk appeared on my face, once I found out who that was.

"Hello M'lady..." I grinned at the sight of her blushing and fiddling with a strand of her hair.

"M-me and the girls are wondering if you're gonna watch us practice." I gave her one of my famous 'shrugs'.

"I don't know, but I'll see if I can," I stopped in mid-sentence once I saw 'Ms.Hill' watch us from a far.

Time to get my game on.

"Actually, I'm pretty sure I can squeeze some time in, babe." The red headed bimbo started blushing crazy in front of me.

"C'mon, let's go somewhere..." I bent down to her ear and whispered, "private." Making her giggle.

I slowly planted a kiss on her cheek and hooked our arms together.

"L-let's go then.." Me and red head walked down the hall, and as I was walking I noticed Ms.Hill quickly look the other way..


I turned my head just a bit and my eyes were met with her brown ones.

I gave her one of my 'winks' followed by a chuckle.

So far, so good !

Everything is going according to plan...


A/N finally updated !! It's been what, how long since I updated ! It's great to see I have 32 reads already ! Or 34 but anyway, please spread the word on my other books and please, please, plllllleeeeaaaassseeeeeeee comment !! Cause I will never know wether this book is good or not.

And for a writer I have to know<3


I will be updating soon !


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