Paris' mum passed away three years ago. A year later, her dad passed away.
Since then, she had gotten into the wrong crowds, gotten a few tattoos here and there, and created a thick wall that no one can break down.
That is until she moved to a new neighborhood and met Harry.
Harry is the most popular guy in her new school, and he is severely fascinated with her.
But like her tells her, "Everyone has their own secrets."

[Harry Styles Fan Fic]


4. Chapter 4

Another day at this shit hole. I just don’t want to leave my bed. But fortunately I haven’t gone to class and I choose not to go for a while.

I walk in, and still go to my locker, because who would want to carry a shitload of books around when you’re not even going to go to class.

“Hey Paris,” some guy says leaning on the locker to my right, but I can’t see who it is as my door is open. So I slam it shut to see who it is.

Guess who it is?

If you said Channing Tatum, I’m sorry, but don’t we all wish.

Instead, its miss preppy’s boyfriend, Henry? No, Bobby? No, it definitely starts with an H…

“Harry’s the name,” he speaks smiling and popping his dimples.

“So that’s your name,” I saw with no interest in my voice, and turn to head out to the tree of Paris.

“Hey! Wait,” He says catching up to me.

I stop suddenly and turn to him, “What do you want?” I ask rudely.

“I just wanted to say welcome!” he says all cheery.

“Oh god, you’re as preppy as your girlfriend is,” I comment rolling my eyes and turn to start walking.

“Well that’s not nice,” he says pouting.

“Sorry to break it to you, but there are people worse than me. Trust me, I’ve seen it,” I saw turning back to him.

“I was only trying to befriend you as you seem to be alone yesterday,” he said pouting.

“Sorry, but I don’t make friends,” I say crossing my arms.

“There’s no need to get angry,” he says.

“Who the fuck said I was angry?” I ask, well more like demanded.

“See. You are getting into a defensive pose and almost yelling at me,” He says.

I look down at my crossed arms and notice they are now by my sides, hands clenched in fists.

“I’m not angry, dick,” I spit at him.

“Well, someone has anger issues,” he says smiling.

“Fuck you,” I say through clenched teeth and stalk away.

I mutter things under my breath that I’m sure my parents would be ashamed, and kept walking not paying attention.

This didn’t go to well, because I walked straight into someone.

Lucky me, I didn’t fall over.

“Watch where you’re going bitch,” The body I walked into says.

I look up ready to smash his face in, but when I looked up all I could say was, “Oh shit,” and I ran down the hallway trying to leave the school.

“Don’t run away you pussy!” he yells at me, gaining speed.

Fuck, I should’ve taken track or some shit.

A few more seconds passed, then the world spun, and next thing I know, I’ve been pushed up against a set of lockers.

“Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in,” he says smirking.

I look around the hallway and notice everyone evacuating. Well thanks.

I look back at him, “What the fuck do you want, Michael?” I ask.

“What wonderful manners for a lady,” he says.

“Suck my non-existent dick,” I say to him. “Oh wait; don’t you have a non-existent dick as well?”

He puts his right arm across my neck, trying to block my airway, “Why you little-“

“Step away from the girl,” A voice booms from down the hall, but I can’t turn to see who my saviour is due to Michael’s pressure on my neck.

Instead Michael, turns to him, and applies more pressure, “Butt she needs be taught not to fuck with my money.”

“Step, away. NOW!” The voice booms again.

“And what are you going to do Styles?” Michael asks.

Please don’t tell me that this is turning into Teen Wolf, because if I saw Dylan O’Brien, I’d probably faint.

“Just get the hell away!” ‘Stiles’ orders.

Michael looks at me, “This isn’t over yet.”

He lets go and stalks down the hall towards the back of the school.

I look at the mystery ‘Stiles’ and notice it’s Henry.

He stares at me, waiting for someone to break the silence, but instead I stalk away in the opposite direction that Michael was walking in.

“A thank you could’ve been nice,” he says catching up.

“What the fuck gave you the impression to try and ‘save me’, Henry?” I ask walking straight towards the front doors.

“Well first, it’s Harry,” He says.

“Like I give a fuck,” I mutter.

“You should,” he says, showing he heard it, “And second, you were going blue and you were about to suffocate,” He says.

“Big-fucking-whoop,” I reply shoving open the doors.

“Where do you think you are going?” he stops at the doors.


“Away from you,” I reply walking off, and down the street, letting my legs take me anywhere.




What do you think Michael meant with how Paris needed to be taught a lesson? there a secret? 

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