Paris' mum passed away three years ago. A year later, her dad passed away.
Since then, she had gotten into the wrong crowds, gotten a few tattoos here and there, and created a thick wall that no one can break down.
That is until she moved to a new neighborhood and met Harry.
Harry is the most popular guy in her new school, and he is severely fascinated with her.
But like her tells her, "Everyone has their own secrets."

[Harry Styles Fan Fic]


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Urgh, this house is the perfect example of a snotty rich family palace.

It is what you would expect the typical modern rich family to live in. It’s huge, cream bricks, two levels, apparently 8 rooms, 9 bathrooms, 5 car garages, and a big ass pool.

I bet they have parties here each weekend.

I got out of the car holding my backpack with all my shit in it.

You are probably thinking, how the fuck would I know what is in the house if I only just got out of the car.

Well my foster mum, for a short time, has this daughter, Karey, and far out is she annoying. She has been bragging about how her house is the best in the neighbourhood. Oh, and she is exactly the same as Anna.

They both have straight blonde hair, Karey’s is slightly darker, but Anna has light blue eyes and Karey has these grey eyes.

Which is weird because I have wavy brown hair and dark blue eyes, and Clara has straight brown hair and sky blue eyes.

We walked into the house and the first thing Clara and Anna did was run upstairs to claim a room.

“Since you are the eldest, you can take a room down stair by yourself. Everyone is upstairs, as well as I,” Suzanne says.

I don’t reply and turn and look around the hall and all the rich paintings that I’m sure Clara could finger paint.

“Uh, well just go down that hallway,” she says pointing to the left, “then it’s the second door on the right, after the kitchen. The bathroom is the first door,” she explains.

I walk to my new room not saying anything, but I can see in my provisional view that she was upset.

Oh well.

When I walked into my room, I dropped my bag, and my jaw. Oh. My. God! Even the bedroom is huge! There is this king size bed in the middle of the wall furthest away from the door, covered in white sheets. The room is about the size of a classroom. The wallpaper is a creamy colour, with a few framed paintings of blobs.

First things first, re-decorating this room.



“Hmm?” I reply turning around.

Anna was standing in the doorway.

“Can I say something?” She asks.

“You already did,” I reply.

“Stop being a bitch and ley me talk,” she says.

“Me? I’m being the bitch. Well haven’t you been living under a fucking rock!” I reply.

“Can’t I go one flipping second without you swearing at me!” she yells.

“Yeah well, I ask that same fucking question every day, but with you being a bitch,” I say smirking.

“Fuck you!” she yells, turning around and getting ready to walk out.

“I think you forgot to say something,” I tell her, crossing my arms waiting for her to speak.

“Oh yeah, this time don’t fuck up. I really like it here,” she said.

“We’ve only been here what? Two hours? You only like the money,” I scoff at her.

“Bitch, she mutters turning around and slamming my door.

Argh, I need a smoke.

I walk to my window, which fortunately has one of those window seats. I open the window and pull out a smoke out of my pocket, light it and lean back and start to relax.


“Riri,” Clara’s sweet voice whispers in my ear.

“Yes sweetie,” I reply turning onto my back and pulling her up onto my bed.

“Kara said she was going to take us shopping,” She said tracing my tattoos on my arm.

“Who’s Kara?” I ask.

“That girl that we live with. Don’t you remember?” She asks.

“Sweetie, her name is Karey,” I tell her, laughing slightly.

God I love her. She can lift up my mood without a fail.

“Oh yeah,” she blushes in embarrassment, turning her head so she wasn’t looking at me.

“Are you excited to start a new school tomorrow?” I ask.

“No,” she says straight up, looking at my arm again.

“Why?” I ask.

“This is the ninth school I will be starting and I don’t make any friends,” she says pouting.

“Sweetie, I’m sorry. It’s always my fault. I promise I’ll try and help us stay longer so you can make friends,” I tell her.

“Really!” she said happily looking at me with a sparkle in her eye.

I nod to reply to her, smiling back at her.

“Well you better get off my bed so we can go,” I tell her.

She hurries off my bed and runs out of my room.

Oh I love her.


“This is the Old Valley Mall. I don’t know why it’s called this, but I don’t care because it has good shops,” Karey says smiling with Anna following her like a lost puppy.

Suzanne took Clara with her to get a few things so I was stuck here with the preppies.

“I bet they do! Oh! That’s a really cute guy,” Anna says pointing to a weird looking guy with black hair.

I roll my eyes at her annoyingness.

“I can’t really say anything as I have a boyfriend,” Karey says smiling proudly.

I scoff at the typical rich girl line.

Anna and Karey turn around and glare at me, but I only shoot a meaner glare back.

They turn back around to pay attention to where they are going.

“Really! I bet he is totally lush! What’s his name?” Anna asks.

“His name is Harry, and yes he is totally lush. One of the most popular guys at our school,” she says smiling.

What kind of popular guy is called Harry?!

Harry Potter was a dweeb, but Prince Harry is gorgeous. But hey, not everyone has Lady Diana as mum.

“How cute! I can tell you guys are already the best couple ever!” Anna says.

I can’t take this anymore.

Time to walk in the other direction, bye losers.

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