New life

Clover ashworths goes to St. James
Boarding school for girls,along with
Her friends Juliette petters,Eloise rose
And autumn Jennings. all the girls do
Horse riding clover has a amber gold
Mustang called ace. Clover and Juliette
Both love one direction what happens
When they get tickets to their show


3. The concert

I slowly opens my eyes and then jumped out of bed remembering today I'm going to a one direction concert I quickly text Juliette to see if she wants to come to yesssssssss she replied I chuckled and went to have a shower I got out my lavender smelling shampoo and conditioner and rubbed them in my hair after that I got out my chocolate smelling soap and rubbed it all over my body rinsing off all the dirt from yesterday after I finished I jumped out of the shower and started drying off my body and hair I got dressed into a short denim coloured dress with black,purple and green converse with a black leather jacket I put on some cherry pink lipstick with mascara I normally don't wear makeup but today I am,I put my long brown curls to the side like lord and looked at myself one more time before grabbing my iPhone and leaving to meet Juliette at the stadium ~skip car ride~ I finally arrived to find Juliette standing there in a white lace short dress with leather jacket and converse we walked to the line together talking it turned out to be we were so early that we were the only people there we were talking for a while and I stopped when I saw the boys walk up to us omg "hey girls exited for the show" Liam asked we both nodded not knowing what to say "cool hope you like it "l Louis said this time I managed to speak "of cores we will its you guys how cant we" "oh thanks "Niall said "it's ok" I said looking at Harry and Juliette speaking "hey you guys seem pretty cool wanna come back stage after the show" zayn Spock up "ok" me and Juliette said "ok we've got to go and get ready for the show see you guys later" Niall said and with that they left me and Juliette looked at each other and squealed omg. The concert was amazing I loved it time to go back stage I thought me and Juliette walked up to the guards and said "we were told by the boys to meet here" "oh so your the girls one of the guards said letting us through the door and helping us find them "thank you Paul" Harry said coming to To us "so did you like the show" zayn asked "yes it was amazing I loved it" I said "me to " Juliette agreed "thank you" Niall beamed at us "that's alright you guys deserve it"Juliette said smiling back after that we just talked and talked and I ended up getting Niall's number and Juliette got Harry's but soon enough we had to get back to school so we said our goodbyes and left school does really ruin everything I thought pulling up in a parking space racing off to my dorm room falling to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow

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