New life

Clover ashworths goes to St. James
Boarding school for girls,along with
Her friends Juliette petters,Eloise rose
And autumn Jennings. all the girls do
Horse riding clover has a amber gold
Mustang called ace. Clover and Juliette
Both love one direction what happens
When they get tickets to their show


2. Races and tickets

I slowly open my eyes to revel the sun hitting my one direction posters I smiled and jumped out of bed and slid into my shower washing and drying my hair I slipped out of the bath room getting into my racing uniform and doing my hair. Finally autumn got up getting ready while I sit on my bed thinking this is the day my parents come to see me race I miss them so much I'm so excited to see them again I hope they like to see me win because I really want to win and me and ace have been training for two years now I hope I win to impress mum and me autumn,Juliette and Eloise walked to the sign up stand something came and jumped on my back i was dani she's a year 5 and she's practically my little sister "hey Dani are you gonna Cher us on" Eloise said ruffling her messy blonde hair "you bet ya" she giggled we just laughed and put our names down "shit"  I said as I saw Carly had signed up "what"dani said "Cary signed up"I said annoyed "oh" she replied Carly's mum owns the school and I don't know why but Carly has always had something against us oh well. I done the final touch up on ace and looked at him up and down "perfect" I mumbled putting the saddle on his back suddenly there was a knock on the door I slowly opened it to revel max,flint,London and violet along with my mum and dad the whole family I hugged my younger siblings and then mum and dad "how's my little pinkie doing"I giggled at my old nickname"come on you're got a race to win"max said "ok" I said excitedly grabbing ace. "Ladies and gentle man get ready to watch in three two one " the buzzer went off and ace cantered around the course we past Eloise and Carly ,Carly whacked Eloise's leg that bitch I thought.we were now in the front and Eloise is way past Carly now I'm so proud of her. After the race Eloise did a little victory dance in Carly's face when my mum came up to me and handed me two tickets to one direction "this is for wining"she said to me "thanks mum I ow you" I said happily" its fine now go and get some rest the concerts tomorrow" I then ran to my dorm room and drifted off to sleep

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