New life

Clover ashworths goes to St. James
Boarding school for girls,along with
Her friends Juliette petters,Eloise rose
And autumn Jennings. all the girls do
Horse riding clover has a amber gold
Mustang called ace. Clover and Juliette
Both love one direction what happens
When they get tickets to their show


4. Nandos with my bro's

Thud I herd as I slowly opened my eyes "morning sunshine do you wanna come to nandos with me and the girls" autumn said fixing her hair "ok" I said getting my hair out of the plat it was in last night replacing my curls with waves I slide on a grey top with black letters that say crazy unicorns and some black skinny jeans with red converse I put on some lip gloss and me and autumn walked to nandos because it was around the corner. "Hey" Eloise said waving for us to come and sit down "hey" I said cheerfully grabing a menu "so how was the concert" me and Juliette smirked at each other " ok we just got their numbers" I screamed they looked stuned at what I  just said and then said "all right that's normal" I smiled and started to order finally my food came with blue berry fanta yum I ate it within seconds and looked at the time "oh god it's 4 already we've gotta get back" I said looking at them "ok let's go then"Eloise said getting up and walking off "ok see ya later"Juliette said "bye"me and autumn said and sat up putting our rubbish in the bin and started walking back to our dorm. As soon as we got back autumn got in the shower and I decided to call Niall ring ring ring ring 

n=Niall c=clover

n "hello"

c "hi this is clover from the concert" I said nervously playing with my hair

n "oh hello love how are you?

c "good how are you"

n "just fine ,what have you and your friends been up to

c "  I just got back from Nando's we live around the corner"

n "awww lucky you I'm hungry now"

c "oh bubbie"

n " hahaha look I've gotta go but maybe tomorrow we can get something to eat if you want"

c " of course what time "

n "would 10:30 am work"

c " perfect"

n "ok see ya tomorrow"

c "ok bye"
















c "nothing much just finished lunch at Nando's"

n "awww lucky I want Nando's so bad"

c "haha funny I live right around the corner"

n "lucky you ,look I've gotta go maybe we can meet up at some time tomorrow if you want to?

c "I would love to what time?













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