New life

Clover ashworths goes to St. James
Boarding school for girls,along with
Her friends Juliette petters,Eloise rose
And autumn Jennings. all the girls do
Horse riding clover has a amber gold
Mustang called ace. Clover and Juliette
Both love one direction what happens
When they get tickets to their show


6. Lunch with Niall

I sprung out of bed remembering that today I'm having lunch with the Niall horan I can't wait. I grab my towel and run to the shower washing my hair and body when the last soap dud was off my body I turned off the hot water and jumped out of the bathroom and got my clothes out it was sunny so I put on some pink and white short shorts with a purple top with red letters saying all about me I put on some of my cherry pink lipstick and left grabbing my iPhone. As soon as I walked through the door the yum smell of Nando's filled my nostrils I then saw Niall checking me out I rolled my eyes and laughed silly boy I walked over to him and sat down "hey babe you look stunning today" I blushed and looked down "I'm not used to complements" I whispered my voice cracked "well you should be coz your gorges just the way you are" I blushed again and the replied to his loving comment "thanks that makes me feel much better" I said"cool now let's  eat I'm starving"I chuckled and ordered my food. After we ate we talked for about 2 hours about what life has been like how much life has changed and stuff like that "well that was wonderful you have to let me take you out more often" "are you asking me on a date Niall James horan" I teased then he leaned in and whispered in my ear"maybe maybe not" he said nibbling on my ear a bit giving me goosebumps all over my arms "you've got yourself a yes"I said staring into his beautiful ocean eyes "clover ashworths would you please go on a date with me?""of cores I will" I said"ok I will pick you up at 8:30 pm""awesome" I said getting up"wait I didn't give you a goodbye kiss" I turned around to find a smirking Niall I then smiled and lent down and he gave me a sweet kiss setting of fireworks in my stomach making me kiss him more after a while we pulled apart "goodbye love see you tomorrow 8:30" "ok " I said and with that I left I walked out to the parking lot to find Carly getting out of her car I tried to ignore her but she called her so

called nickname for me"bitch what are you doing here?"she said in a high pitched tone"on a  date if you even know what that is"I snickered"nice joke bitch!"she spat storming off "whore" I mumbled walking home

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