Harry and the boys are on their way back to london after there 2 month break apart, When louis truck breaks down a girl ( Katheren ) offers them a ride home.
when harry starts to devolpe feelings for katy he ask her out forgetting his gf back in L.A....


1. Seeing Eachother again.

                    Harry's p.o.v

Isn't it just great I get to see the lads again? I missed those crazy boys.

I heard Louis outside hunking his horn for me to come out. " C'mon Harry, What are ya waiting for?'' 

I felt a huge smile coming upon my face, i missed the van! i guess i missed louis too. I opened the door out side and got into the van. " Hey harry" exclaimed louis, " Uh hey louis, where's everyone else?' i asked " oh um i haven't picked them up yet" he grinned. Louis started up the engine. "Louis?" i questioned. " Yeah harry?" he repiled "Anytime today," i said being smart. "oh um about that. were kind out of gas"  he moaned under his breath. i starred at him in disbelief. I tried breathing in out. then i just got out the car holding my thumb up. "HEY!" i yelled at the first passing car. "WE NEED HELP!"

i did that to the past 20 card passing by. i sighed, then i decieded to sit down. i put my head into my knees. My head jerked up when i heard a honk hoping it was good news from louis. it wasn't, but it was a really pretty girl with orange blonde girl offering a ride. "Hi, i'm harry." i told the girl

"Aha, So i've  been told. i'm katheren," i shook her hand, then i went and hit louis in the chest to wake him up. "Some girl is offering us a ride get up doofus" i yelled at him. he moaned and follwed me.

the girl gave me a seat in the back with her. She gave louis one in the front with her mom.

"soo.." i said trying to start a convo. "you like 1D?" Katheren looked down. "Sure" she said "your really pretty she said" I blushed. "i'm sorry," she said, "that was stupid. " i looked at her. "no it wasn't" i took her hand. she looked at how are her hands fit perfectly in mine. She quickly pulled away and smiled. does this girl not like me? i thought to myself. louis texted the rest of the boys we cant meet up with them today. Katheren fell asleep in the car. her head was in my lap, and boy did her hair smell so good. I wanted her to like me but all she did was stay away from me.

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