Ashes remain

A girl named ember need to find our about her past, she has a special gift and many unspoken secrets, after a fire in her village she leaves her family behind to answer all of the questions about her life that has been eating away at her for all these years, but was it the best idea to unearth all of the secrets that have been kept from her. Maybe some secrets are best kept locked away.


2. up in flames

The village to packed with people scurrying around bumping into each other without says sorry, I walk towards my tent, my mother waiting for me smiling but I can see right through her, "what's wrong?" I ask her moving into the small tent and sit next to her, the room smells of lavender mother obviously had burnt a incense stick. She sighs and her smile drops "how do you see?" She asks looking right at me "how do you see right through people?" She adds on "I just can ok" I say trying to fight the furry that tones my voice, I know I shouldn't keep anything from my mother, she's all I have but this secret stays locked up never to be opened and reviled, my mothers expression is easy to read she looks confused and hurt but I just look down and go back out of the tent, the air smells of smoke and I can see puffs of it in the distance, people have started to move faster precious items in their hands, people nudge past me not stopping to apologise they just keep going. I walk towards the smoke in the distance when I see four or so tents up in flames, the fire eating away at the weak canvas tents, it doesn't stand a chance again the roar of the fire, I see people running a eyes filled with fear fire mirrored in their vision, I stand there for a moment my eyes burning from the heat then I run.

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