Ashes remain

A girl named ember need to find our about her past, she has a special gift and many unspoken secrets, after a fire in her village she leaves her family behind to answer all of the questions about her life that has been eating away at her for all these years, but was it the best idea to unearth all of the secrets that have been kept from her. Maybe some secrets are best kept locked away.


6. the box of secrets

In the ashes of once was my home I see a sparkle, I take a closer look and find its a key, holding it in my hands likes the more valuable than diamonds, I try it in the hole in the box, a prefect fit! I lift the lid gently so nothing inside was disturbed, I peer into the cloud of dust that rose when I opened the lid, there was a photo frame of a boy I have never seen before, he was only little and he was sitting on someone's lap, I realise that someone is my mother. She is clutching the baby boy in her arms and smiling widely, a take the frame and place it safely in my over the sholder bag, I dig further into the box and find a old brass locket with two children in it one boy one girl, I feel my head start to hurt and then I see an image, there was a girl and a boy playing and laughing with wooden dolls in what looked like a tent, the girl runs up to the boy and hugs him with a wide smile on her face "ugh you got me!" She crys struggling from his grip he looks a. Year or so older than the girl but it's a definite that they are close, friends? Family? Sibling? Even lovers? The boy loosen his grip and the girl giggles and runs "come get me Lucian! Come get me!" She crys while running around, "I'm coming" he says and runs after her, that's when I wake up on the ground, the box in one hand the locket in the other, was it a dream or a flashback? I thought to myself the girls features were so recognisable,same with the boy, to save myself from what just happened I slip the whole box in my bag and walk on, I'm walking no where in particular but I think I might know where to go next.

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